70/90 hours Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teachers Training Course

Fri Aug 20 2021 at 11:00 am to 06:00 pm UTC+04:00

Just Be Wellbeing Center | Dubai

Publisher/HostJust Be Wellbeing Center
70/90 hours Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teachers Training Course with Sneha Aurora, Dr. Nutan Pakhare & Britni Allen CD (Dona)
Day: Friday & Saturday
Date: 20th August - 2nd October 2021
Time: 70hr Weekend Program - 11:00Am-
Time: 90hr Weekend Program - 11:00Am-
Fee: AED70hours AED 5500 + Vat
Early Bird 5200 + Vat - till May 15,
Fee: 90 Hours AED 6000 + Vat,
Early Bird : 5800 + Vat - till May 15,
Deposit of 500 non refundable to be taken if they enroll
At Just Be Wellbeing Center
102 Al Woushar Street
Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai
Booking in advance is Essential!
For inquiries and booking call 043415751 / +971 566 904 222
[email protected]
About the Course:
Yoga offers tremendous benefits to women through every phase of pregnancy and childbirth as well as the time after delivery. It is said,” A child gives birth to a MOTHER”. During pregnancy, women experience many changes physically, emotionally and mentally. On the physical level, yoga helps women to build and maintain their strength, stamina and flexibility – helping to prepare her for the often long and exhausting process of labor.
The Bodily changes bring about its own discomforts due to the growing baby inside. However, if one is well informed and educated upon managing it well, the whole process is that of purely allowing a conscious life to come through a woman as the medium and bearer.
Practicing yoga helps to balance the endocrine system, digestive system and overall health, giving practitioners a sense of well-being.
Meditation and techniques to calm the mind and emotion through this phase surely makes a huge difference in the process of child-birth.
Being present allows her to work with her body, breath and baby during labor, which can help labor to progress, decreasing the possibility of dystocia (a slow or difficult labor).
This 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is designed for experienced teachers who have completed a Level I (200hr) Yoga Teacher Training as well as Pregnant women or women with background in Yoga or Holistic wellness.
Modula 1: Reproductive Health of male and female body
Important Pillars of Pregnancy
Anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system (Ayurveda, Yoga & Modern Science)
Anatomy of the endocrine system
Menstruation & Ovulation – Ayurveda and yogic guidelines
Relation between stanya(breast milk) & artava( menstrual bleeding)
Study of Gynecological disorders
Ayurveda and Yoga therapy for the gynecological disorders
Couple Yoga for healthy reproductive health
Planning of baby – Cleansing of Body & Mind
Asana and Pranayama practices before pregnancy

Module 2 –Healthcare of expectant woman
Pregnancy the important milestone in woman’s life
Common and advance Signs and Symptoms in pregnancy
Introduction to Ayurveda and Yoga in each stage of pregnancy
Asana and Pranayama practices during and after Pregnancy
Discussion, practice and leading of visualizations for relaxation and meditation
Prenatal Care – Diet, Discipline and Lifestyle
Couples Yoga in Pregnancy and process of conception
Garbhasanskar -The process to change the constitution of your child in the womb
Prakruti -The constitution of your child
Role of Tridosha in pregnancy
Apathya (Don’ts ) during pregnancy
Ayurveda and yoga therapy in gestational disorders
Module 3: Healthy Pregnant woman and Fetus in the womb and its nutrition
Gestational disorders of the pregnant woman – bloating, acidity reflux, water retention, hypertension, pre-eclampsia and diabetes etc.
Ayurveda embryology – Formation till complete development of foetus
6 important factors for the conception & development of fetus
Month wise growth of embryo & respective signs
Month Wise diet & lifestyle regime for pregnant woman
Nutrition of fetus and sense organs developments
Fetal heart circulation and growth
Ayurveda and Yoga guidelines for healthy growth of the fetus in the womb
Role of Mantra and music in the spiritual developments of the child in the womb
Communication with the life in the womb
Leading and sequencing a prenatal yoga class including language, Garbhasamvad visualization and hands-on assisting
Module 4: Healthy Fetus and Healthy Childbirth
Miscarriage and Abortion
Placenta Previa & Abruption
Preparation for childbirth
Prasava Prakriya- Childbirth process and role of yoga
Signs and symptoms of the woman appearing for childbirth
Labor room cleanliness and support system
Rituals to follow during childbirth
Stages of childbirth
Healthy childbirth
Case study discussion by doctor and doula
Yogic breathing during childbirth
Topics covered in 90 Hours for Yoga teachers: (All the above 4 modules)
Module 5: Postnatal Care of mother and child
Postnatal status examination of mother and child
Postnatal complications in mother and child
Complication of childbirth – Diastasis Recti, Depression etc.
Role of Ayurveda and yogic guidelines to manage postnatal health of woman
Sequencing & Class structure
Menopause and Traditional wisdom
Infertility and way of Ayurveda management
Developing teaching skills with feedback
Practice teaching
Theory Exam
Copyrights of syllabus and content are held with AYG ACADEMY
About Facilitators:
SNEHA ARORA - Yoga, Healing, and Music – My Journey
Trained as a Semi-Indian Classical Vocalist, I pursued yoga, as a philosophy and way of life to enhance my temperament. I started my journey at a young age at the oldest school of yoga, The Yoga Institute, India with a year-long Teacher’s Training course. Seeing the life- transformation it was bringing in me as a person, I further continued to be a student, at Hatha based Yoga Schools in India, like Sivananda, B.K.S Iyengar, and others. Bhakti Yoga, Meditation, and Therapeutics were an extended part of the learning and teaching.
Having an international career as a Yoga Practitioner and Kirtaneer for 15 years now, in countries like Turkey, Bali, Hong Kong, North America, and now based in Dubai, I now conduct 200-Hour Yoga Teachers Training courses, Yoga Alliance accredited, in affiliation with The Yoga Institute. A suitable course for beginners who want to transform their lives and that of others!
Corporate Wellness, Yoga Therapy & Classical Hatha yoga are my offerings!
A class filled with a wholesome experience at the physical, mental, and emotional level is what I offer to my students.
About Dr. Nutan Pakhare
Dr. Nutan Pakhare is the founder of AYG Academy, which promotes the Indian health sciences – Ayurveda, Yoga, and Garbhasanskar. She believes that Ayurveda and Yoga are two sides of the same coin, and Garbhasanskar is another additional but significant facet. Learning about these sciences is the need of the hour to bring about health and wellbeing in our lives.
Dr. Nutan has worked as a clinical physician in the top-most hospitals and Yoga institutes of Mumbai. She has also worked in rural hospitals. She has over 18 years of experience of treating and teaching people for wellbeing through custom-built health programmes combining Ayurveda, Yoga, and modern science. She is part of various community talks and workshops on health and wellness. She has been guiding national and international students with her knowledge of Ayurveda since many years. She has conducted motivational talks and Yoga sessions for corporations and NGOs at regular intervals. Her talk on “Preventing Disability through Garbhasanskar” got appreciated by S.B.V. Pondicherry on the occasion of the International Day of Yoga 2019
I am a double certified doula with DONA International and Nurturing Birth UK, and a certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. After the births of my two children, one ‘land baby’ and one ‘water baby’, both fully natural births, yet completely different experiences, I knew that my path in life was to work in the birth field. Since receiving my certifications, I have supported multiple families as a doula, and have taught prenatal and postnatal yoga classes around Dubai.
DONA International Trained and Certified Doula – 2018
Childbirth International – Childbirth Educator and Lactation Counselor (Certification in progress)

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