11th International Conference on Stroke and Neurological Disorders

Thu Aug 22 2024 at 09:00 am to Fri Aug 23 2024 at 04:30 am UTC+02:00

Berlin | Berlin

Dr. Mark Smith
Publisher/HostDr. Mark Smith
11th International Conference on  Stroke and Neurological Disorders Get ready to dive into the world of strokes and neurological disorders at our 11th International Conference, where experts and researchers w
About this Event

Welcome to the 11th International Conference on Stroke and Neurological Disorders!

Conference Overview

The "Stroke Summit 2024" will take place in Berlin, Germany, on August 22-23, 2024. We are pleased to invite all attendees from around the globe on behalf of the Conference Series.
The '11th International Conference on Stroke and Neurological Disorders' aims to progress neurosurgery and neuroscience by promoting novel treatments for stroke and other neurological illnesses. The theme "Unlocking the Brain: Exploring Frontiers in Neurological Research" will serve as the basis for organizing this conference. Our goal is to bring together famous scholars with expertise in neurology and the brain from all around the world so they can share their beneficial experiences with different treatment options for neurological illnesses and strokes.
Scope and Importance:
Most countries in the world today provide access to medical education. The stroke and neurological disorders conference offers a comprehensive array of information and access to education in the areas of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. It also acts as a forum to motivate individuals to take charge of their health and take preventive measures against neurological disorders.
The Stroke Summit 2024 will honour distinguished awards for:

• Young scientists

• Young investigators,

• Trainees, junior professors,

• Post-Graduate students,

• Post-doctoral fellows,

Their outstanding contribution to the conference's topic is acknowledged with the help of the 2024 Stroke Summit. The Young Scientist Awards aim to give early career academicians a strong opportunity for professional development by bringing professionals together to exchange and share their knowledge on all aspects of neurology and neuroscience.
The Young Researcher Forum will award prizes for exceptional master's, doctoral, and post-doctoral thesis work during the Stroke Summit in 2024. during most 25 presentations can be made during the Stroke Summit in 2024.

Advantages of YRF Registration,

• A certificate of achievement and souvenir for the winners of the Young Scientist Award.

• The Stroke Summit 2024 offers the ideal platform for oral presentations of your findings.

• Get knowledge about the newest technology for job advancement through networking.

Why Provide established senior researchers and researchers from other countries the chance to collaborate on research in the area of neuroscience.

Young researchers have a wonderful opportunity to learn about new research fields and broaden their understanding of the field.

Reason To Go

The goal of the conference is to develop translational neuroscience initiatives that will aid in people's understanding of how the field has improved and how treatment techniques have changed in the past few years.
The conference's four core goals are research, patient care, innovation, and digital neurology. New technologies are revolutionizing our understanding of and approach to treating neurological disorders in the rapidly developing fields of neurology and neuroscience.
The topic of the 2023 Stroke Summit is "Shape up a healthier and disorder-free world," emphasizing the value of collaboration and communication among individuals in a variety of professions.
During the conference, there are unparalleled networking opportunities, breakout sessions, speakers, and practical training. On the other hand, an honorarium is merely a place to pause while you meet up with local teams, organizations, experts, and exhibitors in person to broaden your knowledge, share ideas, and have fun in an amazing setting.
The conference's student poster competition and young researcher's session will encourage students and new graduates to submit their original research for publication in Conference Series Journals. During the conference, all accepted abstracts will be on display in poster sessions. All participants who are unable to attend the conference have the option to submit an electronic poster with an abstract that is displayed online and has a DOI number.
Target audience:

There are 4,444 physicians, young researchers, medical faculties, associations and societies fighting pediatric cancer, companies that manufacture medical devices, healthcare professionals and managers of healthcare companies, pharmaceutical companies (drug discovery and design), the industry that makes drugs for the nervous system and brain, neuroscience associations and foundations, university professors and students studying neurological disorders and stroke, and researchers who use their knowledge and skills in neurophysiology to diagnose and treat neurological disorders in patients.

New ideas, viewpoints, tactics, and technologies presented by our Congress have a real impact on how we collaborate. There isn't another conference that has as many prominent guests, keynote speakers, and interesting content.
Highlights of the 2024 Stroke Summit include:

  • The event will bring together eminent researchers, as well as business visionaries and speculators in this dynamic field, to discuss honest opinions and viewpoints. The event is often attended by high-level decision makers from many industries, many of whom are familiar with our former speakers, and prominent speakers, leading researchers, and professionals from around the world are asked to share their knowledge and experiences. Due to the correct attitudes towards meeting new people, this generates a relaxed and easy-going setting.
  • The confusion in the nervous system is a neurological disorder; it may also manifest as other electrical or biochemical abnormalities in the spine, brain, or another nerve. A variety of manifestations may result from this.

We can't wait to meet you and invite you to take part in our fascinating conference. Please allow us the chance to meet and greet you in one of the most stunning urban areas in the world.

Tracks and Sessions

Track 1: Anxiety, Depression and Sleep disorder

Track 2: Behavioural Neuroscience

Track 3: Brain Injury

Track 4: Cerebrovascular Disorders

Track 5: Epilepsy and Seizures

Track 6: Headache and facial pain

Track 7: Multiple Sclerosis

Track 8: Neuro Oncology and Brain tumor

Track 9: Neurogenesis

Track 10: Neurological Disorder

Track 11: Neurological Infection

Track 12: Neurology

Track 13: Neuropharmacology

Track 14: Neurophysiology, Neuroimaging and Radiology

Track 15: Neuropsychiatry

Track 16: Neurosurgery

Track 17: Paediatric Neurology

Track 18: Stroke

Track 19: Rehabilitation and Restorative Therapy in Stroke

Track 20: Risk factor and Prevention of Stroke

Event Venue

Berlin, Germany


EUR 899.00 to EUR 1399.00

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