Yurts on the Rocks | Weekend in Kyrgyzstan

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Yurts on the Rocks | Weekend in Kyrgyzstan
Welcome to the land of soaring peaks, crystal-clear alpine lakes, and the real deal of nomadic lifestyle. With mountains dominating over 90% of the country's terrain, the Tien Shan range stands as a home to an immersive nature experience like no other. Here, the Peak Victory towers at a staggering 7,439 m, amidst a landscape adorned with magnificent rock formations, thermal springs, serene lakes and valleys. Your inner nomad will immediately break free!
The nomadic lifestyle in Kyrgyzstan is deeply rooted in the country's history and culture, dating back centuries. Despite the ongoing urbanization, many Kyrgyz still embrace the elements, preserving traditional practices and passing down ancestral knowledge to future generations. It fosters a strong sense of community and interconnectedness among Kyrgyz families, who often gather for seasonal migrations, celebrations, and cultural events.
Situated at the crossroads of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan holds geopolitical significance due to its strategic location and political dynamics. The country has a complex relationship with its Soviet past. Especially in the capital city Bishkek you will notice how Socialist realism, the dominant artistic style in the Soviet Union, left its mark on art and public spaces: Mosaics, murals, and sculptures depicting themes of socialist ideology, industrial progress, and heroic figures can be found throughout the city.
However, on this trekkup weekender prepare to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with the raw, untamed beauty of the Kyrgyz landscape. With each moment, we will discover a sense of freedom and a connection to the earth beneath our feet. Get ready to breathe in the crisp mountain air, soak in the panoramic views, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Can you hear the Kyrgyz mountains calling your name?
Let's go!
Day 0 // Friday
Departure. Meeting at DXB T2 21.00 hrs for a flight at 22.45.
Day 1 // Saturday
Arrival early in the morning at Manas Airport, immigration clearance and breakfast.
Drive to Kochkor village (2 hours) and head towards the valley to Tez-Tör summer pasture (jailoo). We will hop on our horses and in 3 hours reach our yurt camp. Lunch, short rest, discovery of high mountains’ fauna and flora, and new approach of nomads’ life. In the afternoon 4 hours hiking to Köl-Ükök lake (3000 m) where you can admire the wildlife on the lake with a beautiful view of the glacier. Back to yurt camp, dinner and night in a yurt (2400 m).
Day 2 // Sunday
Nomad breakfast and share the daily life of Kyrgyz family in their environment. 3 hrs hike to Isakeev and transfer to Kochkor village. Lunch in home stay. Departure to Bishkek (2 hours) following the magnificent Tchu valley. Arrival in Bishkek, visit market for shopping, dinner, overnight in the hotel.
Day 3 // Monday
Early morning transfer to the airport and return flight home. Arrival 08.10 AM.
Grade: easy to moderate (depending on your fitness level)
Activities: trekking, horse riding, sightseeing.
Duration: Weekend
Accommodation & meals: homestay - yurt and hotel, local foods.
Yurts - gender separate; hotel - double sharing.
Daypack, light cotton clothing, pullover or fleece jacket, windbreaker, scarf / muffler, hiking shoes, toiletry & towel, wipes, power bank, sunglasses with good protection against UV, sunscreen, hat. Optional sleeping bag for hygiene sensitive (blankets at yurts provided).
Cost: 3410 AED all inclusive flights until 05th May
Specifically excluded:
- Compulsory insurance,
- Any costs related to visas, if required.
Many passports get visa free entry, for the rest e-visa: https://www.evisa.e-gov.kg/
Visa free entry for UAE residents, holders of passports such as Egypt, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan.
It is sole responsibility of participant to secure entry to country of destination at the time of travel.
See yah at jailoos x
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