Women's Wellness Day-Kundalini Yoga TRE® Trauma Stress Release Exercises

Sun Jun 27 2021 at 11:00 am to 05:00 pm UTC+01:00

The Signol Centre | manchester

DESTRESS your life with powerful ancient energy practices. Regulate your nervous system. Rebalance, rejuvenate, enhance immunity and joy.
About this Event

If there was ever a time to learn these practices to regulate and support your mental, emotional and physical health- it is now! In this global crisis it is vital we know how to discharge stress, panic, anxiety and regain balance quickly.

Stress and trauma can hijack our goals, relationships, health and happiness.

During this day we will reactivate the parasympathetic nervous system to release toxic stress chemicals and realign with the feminine elements and vibration of light, peace, and heart centred connection.

This is a deeply relaxing, recalibrating and recharging day of energetic body-based practices such as the cutting edge TRE® Tension and Trauma release exercises . Ancient Taoist Chi gong and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.


Most women hold a significant amount of stress and trauma in the musculature and fascia of the body. Our bodt is not designed to cope with stress the same way as men. As we are empathic by nature, we not only manage our own traumtic life changing events, but absorb from others and our surroundings. We either shut off from our body and feelings or we are overwhelmed by panic, anxiety and emotion and become dysfunctional.

Without a safe way to discharge all these toxic chemicals they play havoc with our health and happiness, relationships and quality of life.

But KEEP CALM - help is at hand!

This one day workshop brings you a professional, safe and powerful healing space to bring to unwind tension, stress and release trauma from the body in a gentle and controlled way; helping you to move out of survival responses to life, and feel more ALIVE, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER, and reawaken the sensual sensitivity of the body.

We offer you some simple, effective practices that you can take away and start using straight away to bring more quality and joy into your life.

This workshop combines powerful Vagus nerve activation and energy release practices that help to regulate and unwind muscular and tension patterns held in the physiology of the body, helping to release chronic stress, pain and energy blockages in our system, returning us to a state of JOY, CONNECTION and RELAXATION.

What we will do:

1. TRE® - Tension Trauma and Stress release exercises - coined as ‘a revolutionary way to feel good’, shake out STRESS, revitalise and reset your nervous system.

TRE® is an innovate technique founded by Dr David Berceli and uses a set of 7 exercises to activate the body's natural self-regulation mechanisms through a safe neurogenic tremouring process and vagus nerve activation.You can find more about TRE® in the video at the end of the feed below.

2. Chi Kung - Powerful Taoist energy cultivation practices, using gentle movements and breath, to harmonise the chakras, release blocked energy and revitalize and recharge the system. CHi Gong helps build strength, confidence, optimise health and balance emotions.

3. Kundalini Yoga. Some powerful postures and breathing techniques to activate and open the inner energy system. This helps boost our health, wellbeing and mental presence. Also ideal for supporting the parasympathetic nervous system release stress, old trauma and deepen healing and wellbeing.

4. Basic principles of trauma and stress moving out of survival (flight, fight, freeze, faint ) responses and back into ease, connection and relaxation.

5. Supportive feminine healing space a wholesome place of reconnection, support and compassion. Amazing things happen when women's energy infuses together. 

Who is the workshop for?


*have been affected emotionally, mentally, energetically or physically by the pandemic and need to ground, recentre, discharge anxiety and rebalance.

*need space to reconnect to her body, heart, and soul essence

*have a stressful job or home life, are a workaholic and feeling overwhelmed or lost their job and are feeling in survival response

*a victim of past violence, abuse or sexual trauma 

 *have been through a traumatic accident, operation, illness crisis in the past

 *experienced a recent challenging life event, break up, pressures, loss

 *first response, civil service workers or anyone suffering from PTSD

 *are feeling down, depressed and stuck in life,

*caught in unhealthy habits and addictions and ways of coping

*are exhausted, have a sluggish metabolism, low energy related symptoms

 *are suffering from tension and pain (physically or emotionally)

 *have been through traumatic childbirth, postnatal depression

 *want more energy, vitality, radiance and a happier mood

 *need to switch off deeply relax and reset their nervous system (ASAP!)

*are feeling lonely, numb, disheartened and disconnected and need some love and nourishment.


Who is this workshop NOT suitable for?

**People who have epilepsy, are pregnant, are on heavy Medic*tion for mental health, or a pacemaker, are under supervision or have a history of psychiatric illness, anyone who can’t lie on the floor on a mat on their back for about 1 hour, anyone with very restricted mobility.

Why is this work important?

Living our full potential is impossible when we surviving rather than thriving in life!  

Physiologically women do not have the same capability to discharge and manage stress compared to men! It is vital we learn how to regualte ourselves.

For many of us, (especially in this pandemic) we are overwhelmed, triggered and emotionally flooded this builds up over time, becoming unmanageable and we look for coping mechanisms and fast ways to find regulation and calmness, be that alcohol, food, cigarettes, drugs, TV, shopping, social media, isolation, emotional outbursts and so on....

For others, we hold deep-rooted childhood traumas and incomplete events our system that sabotage and play out in our adult life.

Despite the length of time that has past, traumatic/highly stressful situations imprint themselves into the muscle memory and cellular makeup of the body. Stress builds up, layer upon layer, until the system can't take anymore and breaks. Don't be paying for this pandemic for years afterwards!

Unresolved trauma and stress left in the system start to create all kinds of problems including; PTSD, illnesses, depression, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, physical pain, aggressiveness, infertility, lack of libido, sexual issues, skin disorders, accelerated ageing, addictions, eating issues, weight gain, forgetfulness, lack of clarity, fear of other people and places, relationship failures, and feeling disconnected from ourselves, other people and the world around us. (to name just a few!!)

The practices offered in this workshop can help you to move forward in life, bring you out of fight, flight, freeze and collapse states and create an empowered space to feel more alive, connected to your heart and present in your body senses and life.

Your Facilitator

This class will be facilitated by Zari Gemma Ferns. Certified TRE® provider. Zari is trained and works internationally with groups of women in Trauma healing and sacred reawakening TRE®, Tantra, Holistic Therapy, Energy work, Infinite Tai Chi/Chi Kung, Meditation, breathwork and Kundalini Yoga.

Check out some of Zari's other events on Eventbrite, or the website at www.zarilove.com/about. Zari is here in Manchester for a short period this year sharing some of her work.


The event venue is located a few minutes walk from Romiley train station in the centre of the village (approx 20mins journey from Manchester Piccadilly - direct trains run) We are approximately 7 minutes drive off the M60 junction 3.

Free car parking opposite of on the road outside.


Please note some of practices can result in strong releases for some people, and it can also be a deeply enjoyable, soothing, pleasurable, fun and a super relaxing experience. Zari holds a very safe, light and supportive space for all things to be welcomed.

Please reserve your spot ASAP. LIMITED SPACES

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch. (email zari at: [email protected] )

*Watch the video in the event feed if you would like to know more about TRE.

Please Bring: a BLANKET, A CUSHION, A YOGA, OR FITNESS mat, (we have very few mats) A water bottle and wear comfy stretchy clothing, layers are recommended.


Please arrive by 10.45am

No refunds for non attendance, (unless we cancel or change dates) however tickets are transferable to someone else, as long as they are suitable for this work. 

Full ticket or part online /cash payment on the day are welcome 

Booking essential.

....IF YOU STILL DON'T HAVE A REASON TO JOIN THEN CONSIDER THIS... Stress is not only a killer, but it also ages you prematurely, affects your digestion, organ function, mental health, sex drive, family, mood and relationship with yourself and others and your environment.

The effects can be LIFE-CHANGING!

Event Photos

Event Venue

The Signol Centre, 67 stockport road, manchester, United Kingdom


GBP 35.00 to GBP 60.00

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