Women's Circle: Aromatherapy & the Art of Self-Care

Sat Feb 05 2022 at 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm UTC+02:00

Kiev Wellness International | Slavutich

Clearly Sage Advice & Organics, LLC
Publisher/HostClearly Sage Advice & Organics, LLC
Women's Circle: Aromatherapy & the Art of Self-Care Spend a cozy Saturday evening from 18:00-20:00 with other amazing women learning and growing in harmony.
As the days get shorter, our skin can become dry, and our energy low. Let's lean into the coming darkness of winter by enjoying the gifts of fall! In this workshop you will create more for yourself, your friends & family in a joyful, dynamic space. Each participant will make and take home TWO fall essential oil blends. You will create;
A massage blend for mood enhancement and soft skin that can be used on any member of your family.
A Sweet Dreams blend for better, deeper sleep. We will also discuss how our menses and menopause can disrupt sleep, and oils that help.
Learn how to make an aromatherapy facial steam for cold & flu season, and to release sinus pressure. Demonstration provided.
Learn how to give a light touch back massage using the Jane Buckle M Technique Light Touch Massage that can be used on everyone from babies to 80's. You will see a demonstration and receive a handout, as well as creating your own blend.
Learn the recipe and process of giving a stomach massage for indigestion, flu, or just a nervous tummy. Demonstration provided.
Engage in fun activities like the Wheel of Life. This is a sage space with no forced sharing, but an opportunity to build community, and connect with other women.
Join us for a joyful, productive and healing way to spend a weekend! Light refreshments will be provided. Certificates of attendance and workshop completion will be issued.
Talley Sjoberg-Varney is both a NAHA and IFA certified aromatherapist, Professional Life-Coach, and mental health professional. She has done workshops on aromatherapy around the world since 2005.
The full cost of the event is 2,175 UAH (70 euro), and tickets can be purchased at https://www.clearlysageorganics.com/event-details/kiev-sage-woman-womens-circle-aromatherapy-the-art-of-self-care
The guest capacity for this event is 20.

Event Venue

Kiev Wellness International, 7 Pankivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01030, Slavutich, Ukraine

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