Women's Ceremonial Cacao Journey 2020/2021

Sat Jun 19 2021 at 03:00 pm to 07:00 pm UTC+02:00

Norsk Taiji Senter | Oslo

Publisher/HostWisewoman Tales
Every yearly cycle we and the rest of nature go through a process of birth, life, death and rebirth. The seasonal cycle is one of many cycles in nature that reflect this pattern - other’s are the menstrual cycle, the moon cycle, planetary cycles, and the cycle of a human life. In every indigenous tradition all over the world, we find rituals that mark the turning-points of this cycle. Rituals made to remind us of the flow of life, and connect us deeper to these cycles and to nature. In this ceremonial cacao journey, we follow the yearly cycle through it’s shifts and turns. Inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year, that has 8 points throughout the year that marks the shifting energies of the seasons, we will go on an exploratory journey of our inner and outer cyclic nature:
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In the Celtic tradition, the year starts when Nature is going into rest. At this point of the year, we shed our leaves, compost our discarded fruits and our sap is flowing down into our roots. The gateway between the worlds is open - willingly and with trust we enter the dark unknown. We are letting things die - knowing that only by doing so can we make space for the rebirth of spring. We start our ceremonial journey with an exploration of this phase of the cycle.
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In the weeks around the Midwinter Solstice, the whole of Nature is in rest. And so are we invited to be. We rest deeply, deep down in the cradle of our roots. Down here, we can dream reality into being. Flowing in the Dream Time - receptive and listening. Held by the deep all-knowing darkness, from which everything is born and to which everything will return. Here we receive our vision - a dream seed of potential, still not manifested, to hold in our hearts until the time comes to plant it.
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Winter is still deep around us, but down in our resting cave we can feel a first spark of light returning - a first promise of a new spring that will come. The dreams and visions we have picked up from the deep dark all-knowing is starting to become more firm in their shape - and we are slowly preparing to rise up from our rest, and enter the journey of this yearly cycle.
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At the time around the spring equinox, light takes over from the darkness. Sap is rising in the trees, and buds are slowly starting to open. With it comes our power to manifest. We can now see clearly the seeds we have brought with us up from the dream time - and they are ready to be planted. In ceremony we plant them in the deep soil of our consciousness - and water them with our prayers for ourselves and the world.
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We can now see our dreams sprouting, and we water them with all the hope, energy and creative power of early summer. In the celtic tradition, this was the time of the year when God and Goddess for the first time met in sensual passion. This is the time of the year that reminds us that creativity and sexuality is one and the same, as the seductive scents of the flowers and warm stroking of early summer sun rays brings us back to full life.
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In the weeks around midsummer, all of Nature reaches its peak of energy. We are fully alive, fully radiant, and full of power to Manifest. With ceremony, power and celebration we see our dreams coming into full bloom. We relish in the delight of being alive - and we allow ourselves to unfold in the fullness of our beauty and expression.
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We are entering the time of harvest. The flowers of high summer are turning into fruit. In deep gratitude and joy, we celebrate the bounty of Nature. In gratitude we receive the gifts of our intentions and hard work - enabled to taste the sweetness they bring. We can now start to see what the seeds we planted in the spring has brought up from the Earth.
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The Wheel is about to turn once more, from light and towards darkness. The harvest is finished, and the plants are starting their process of death. We can now see clearly which seeds gave fruits, and which did not. We reflect on the year that has been, sort the chaffs from the wheat, let go of that which does not serve us, and prepare ourselves for the winter ahead. Making ourselves mentally ready to - once again - dive into the deep unknown. The resting dream time of winter. So that the cycle can begin once more.
Throughout this journey, we will explore how we can experience the shift of the seasons in an embodied and conscious way, and learn to work together with the seasonal flow of energies in order to find our visions, set intentions, manifest our deepest dreams, and get support in our inner processes. At each of the ceremonies, we will dive deep into an energetical process that connects to this particular season, giving you tools to bring with you home and integrate into your life.
The ceremonies can be experienced separately, but the deepest experience will be found when taking the journey as a whole.

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When ancient and indigenous medicine peoples from different corners of the world were asked where they’ve learned the uses of plants as medicine, they all said the same thing: that they learned this from the plants themselves.
They insisted that the plants can speak to human beings, if only human beings will listen and respond to them in the proper state of mind. Allowing the heart to “listen and speak” for us.
In this ceremonial journey through the seasons, we will invite support from the natural world in our opening of our hearts, dreams, power and intuition.
You are invited to reclaim and reawaken the wisdom of your ancestors, those people who said that they learned from the world through their hearts as an organ of perception. The people who didn't have Google, universities or books to rely on for facts or information. The people who were deeply connected to their body wisdom, the natural world and trust for their own intuition.
This gathering of knowledge directly from the wildness of the world is called; BIOGNOSIS - meaning ”knowledge from life” and because it is an aspect of our humanness inherent in our physical bodies, it is something that everyone has the capacity to develop.
An ability that has been built into us over evolutionary time.
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Every Ceremony, we will together with Cacao, invite and connect to another plant as an ally to support us. You will be facilitated and guided to awaken the remembrance that lives within your own heart, womb and every cell of your being. The memory of who you are as a spiritual and earthly being and that life is sacred.

This is a journey of remembrance and an honouring of the rise of the feminine.
We will go on it together as women and as sisters.
Are you also feeling the call?
It includes:
• Ceremony
• Ritual
• Plant Medicine
• Plant Rituals
• Growing cyclical awareness
• Strengthening of the intuition
• Deepening your relationship with your heart
• Dance Medicine
• Medicine song
• Meditation
• FB Community Support Group

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Cacao is a plant medicine used for healing of the whole person - body, mind, heart and soul.
No matter how you wish to use Cacao, she meets you where you are in your own process. You could drink it when you want an energy boost, or to replenish your magnesium layer. (Good quality Cacao is a superfood and is one of the most complex, nutritional and complete foods on the planet, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.)
Others use Cacao to work with blockages in the body, open their hearts, get help with more focus in studies, increased creativity, assistance with inner child work, yoga practice, meditation etc, etc. The applications are endless.
We use wild grown, direct trade, Criollo beans from Guatemala. The beans are hand picked, hand peeled and treated with care and love from bean to cup.
On the international market, This Cacao is known as "Keiths Cacao".

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My is the founder of Remembrance Cacao. Her “first” deep spiritual encounter with a plant was with Cacao in Guatemala in 2012, at a Ceremony with Keith, known as "the chocolate shaman".
This experience struck her deep in the heart and opened a new path for her. Since then she has worked with this medicinal plant both in her own meditation practice and with others in different ways.
She held regular Cacao Ceremonies, Women's Circles and Cacao Dance Parties every month in Oslo until the birth of her son in January 2019.
After a year of deep transformation, "death" and rebirth (and a break from public ceremonies), she stepped out of her home to share Cacao and Ceremony again this Spring 2020, from a whole new place with new energy and lots of inspiration to go deeper. Now other plants have called her and she weaves her plant magic together with her passion for and many years of studies of Biodanza and ritual together in an alchemy that allows for deep connection to our body wisdom and the natural world.
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Siri has been studying the menstrual cycle for over a decade, and is the founder of Our Fertility. She is a certified Fertility Awareness educator and holistic menstrual cycle health coach, with a unique and well-integrated expertise about our cyclical beingness.
She has been practicing nature-based spirituality for 20 years, and has built her life on the foundation of ceremony, intentional living, and being in service to the thriving of all life. She has been working ceremonially and intentionally with the Wheel of the Year for more than 10 years. In her spiritual training, she has trained with teachers such as Starhawk and Eirik Myrhaug.
Siri is guided by the deep belief that our inner and outer cycles matter - and that to heal our relationship to ourselves and to Gaia (our planet), we need to find our way back to a more cyclic way of being. Within ourselves and in the outer world. In her work and writing, she is deeply inspired by deep ecology, ecofeminism, nature-centered spirituality, permaculture - and a firm belief that our health and the health of the planet goes hand in hand. The solutions we need to adapt in order to heal our inner ecosystem, are the same solutions which are needed to heal our outer ecosystem.

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The ceremonies during the winter part of the year will be held at Norsk Taiji Senter; an oasis in the midst of central Oslo, where the energy is held, clear and grounded.
During the summer, we will hold the ceremonies outdoors, at our dedicated ceremonial space in the ancient forest of Nesodden - a short journey from Oslo.

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The ceremonies can be experienced separately, but the deepest experience will be found when taking the journey as a whole. Because of that we offer a special price for those who choose to participate in the whole journey. However, you are warmly welcome also to participate in just one or a few of the ceremonies.
Investment for the whole journey (8 ceremonies): 3500 nok
Investment for one separate ceremony: 500 nok
The investment for the whole journey can be divided over several payments, upon request. Please DM us if you are interested in this.
We are looking much forward to taking this journey together!
Much love,
My and Siri

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Norsk Taiji Senter, Kirkegata 1-3, Oslo, Norway


NOK 3500

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