Winter Cacao Ceremony - Rest and Recharge

Sun Dec 03 2023 at 11:00 am to 02:00 pm

The Mindfulness Centre | Dublin

Klaudia Rapala and Barbara Bracka ( Bridges to Gamma )
Publisher/HostKlaudia Rapala and Barbara Bracka ( Bridges to Gamma )
Winter Cacao Ceremony - Rest and Recharge
Embrace what is dark and cold. Take a moment to relax, slow down, and be still. Allow yourself to witness the magic that unfolds with love.
About this Event

Winter invites you to go within. It's a time of darkness, hibernation, and contemplation.

You are part of nature, just like trees and rivers, you are a magnificent manifestation of the life force. That life force works in cycles, it does not obey the schedules of the busy modern life.
December rush may get overwhelming, too loud, too busy, too much. Let's stop together and let's tune into the beautiful time of winter.

How wonderful it would be to give yourself that wholesome rest, feel recharged and ready to move through the chaos of Christmas.

Let's learn about this quiet time, and learn how to sit in the darkness, make a fire there and meet with love and compassion everything that happened during this year.
If joy will come - great, if sadness will come - great. All is welcome just as you are.

Let's honour the Winters call to go within, and let's go there with a cup of hot chocolate.


What to expect

A guided, beautiful and inspiring cacao ceremony to open our hearts, tuning into the winter season, releasing stress, and letting go of everything busy.

We want to include you in the process of preparing the cacao from start to finish. To help you return to the present moment. Connecting to one of the most ancient rituals of preparing food in the community, these practices can be called Sādhanās (rituals that help to attain meditation-like states ) - infusing it with our energy and intention - slowing down and feeling ourselves part of a greater whole. Food sadhana can help us develop an awareness of food and connect to nature's wholesome rhythms. Imagine infusing your Christmas meals with this much awareness, love and presence.

We will then go within, with a guided meditation.

There will be tools to help us manage daily stresses and soothe the nervous system. We will take time to embrace the events of the passing year. Cherish wisdom and good memories and let go of this that no longer serves us all while held together in the community. Seen in our Light and in our Shadow.

  • Cacao ceremony & preparation
  • Guided Meditation & exercise to meet shadow and light
  • Attunement to cycles and winter
  • Journalling
  • Intention setting
  • Group sharing
  • Tools to regulate our nervous system
  • Oracle and Tarot cards for guidance
  • Integration

Let's prepare the soil of your soul for the seeds that you may want to plant in springtime :)



On Tuesday 21st we met for a brief intro and intention behind the workshop, please tune into the replay to connect to our energy:

There will be a free "Return to Love" webinar as well. If you would like to learn about the dark side of the cycles of nature and life, but can't join the workshop. ( Sat 25th @ 10am )

Link to follow soon:

Join us for a day of magic, connection, rest and love. Surrounded by community, celebration and music.

What to bring?

*Wear comfortable clothes

*Bring a blanket and woolie socks for extra comfort

*If you have a favourite mug that is welcome :)

*Journal to write in


Please DM for more details, if you have any questions or a chat:

Barbara: 089 255 84 25

About your Facilitators:

Barbara is focused on helping people to heal fear, anxiety, chronic stress, anger, depression and transform their lives. Emotional Healing Facilitator and trained Counsellor with over 15 years of practising and teaching Mediation, Qikung and Spiritual Healing. Bridging the gap to our spiritual wisdom and potential

Klaudia is a trained Yoga and Meditation teacher, specializing in embodiment, Vocal and Creative expression. With over 10 years of experience, her focus at the moment is on creating offerings around our creative lifeforce energy helping others into a life of expression, authenticity and aliveness.

She is also a Multidisciplinary artist who uses the creative process to alchemise emotional states, turn pain into gold and add more beauty to the world.


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

The Mindfulness Centre, 33 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland


EUR 65.00

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