What the Fungus?

Wed Sep 27 2023 at 04:20 pm to 07:00 pm

Popped.NYC I CBD NYC | New York

What the Fungus? What the fungus is a fun gals way of inviting conversation about what is on the horizon for plant medicine. Surprise, it is mushrooms!
About this Event

Looking forward to seeing our friends @darkheirephua and you. Learn about fungus, the Old Testament, and be part of developing our backyard - an urban oasis in the wait.

About Popped.NYC


The goal of Popped.NYC is to help people find relief with CBD products and through compassionate consultations with our expert customer care team.

We do that by creating and distributing high-quality CBD products with a continued commitment to using natural ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the environment.

To use Popped.NYC in innovative ways to make the world a better place.


Popped.NYC is a cannabis company led by women. We bring our clients the best products from trusted suppliers.

Popped.NYC is a lifestyle brand that delivers products, content, and experiences to our clients to promote wellness, self-care, and health.

Popped.NYC cares about social justice issues that inspire passion and action in our community.

About Darkhei Rephua

Our belief is that the path to healthy relationships with Self, Source, & Community are in direct parallel to our relationship with water, sun, soil and plants.

Our mission is to put Jewish cultural and textual principles into direct experiential practice toward paradigms that are inclusive, liberating, and equitably empowering to communities of all faith and cultural streams.


Our goal is to support the development of regenerative community. We will particularly focus on those elements of our society and selves that have been disconnected from nature, or aspects of it that can improve human wellness and experience. Currently, that encompasses projects relating to nonprofit cannabis cultivation and business in the Catskills and New York City, NY. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more and get involved.

Darkhei Rephua advocates for equitable access to natural plants and their extracts as a Jewish religious and ethical principle. We support the decriminalization of all ‘entheogenic’ or ‘psychedelic’ medicines, including cannabis, with equitable universal access models to needed medicines provided to all. Users of psychedelic plants, fungi, cacti, and their derivatives remain unjustly criminalized in much of the world, and access to psychedelic experiences and substances remain restricted primarily along class lines in the US. As a related and equal priority, we support the end of the global ‘Drug War’ and the decriminalization of all drugs and drug users. For reference to policy and advocacy that we support or endorse, please explore the SPORE Holistic Policy & Responsible Reform platform, the work of Decriminalize Nature throughout the country and in New York to decriminalize naturally occurring entheogenic plants and fungi, and the broader drug reform work of Students For Sensible Drug Policy.

Ken Ahbus

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Popped.NYC I CBD NYC, 219 Madison Street, New York, United States


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