Westside Chattahoochee Paddle

Sat Oct 21 2023 at 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

Hooch Boat Ramp | Atlanta

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance
Publisher/HostWest Atlanta Watershed Alliance
Westside Chattahoochee Paddle
Experience the Chattahoochee River like never before on this 11-mile guided kayak tour near West Atlanta!
About this Event

The Westside Chattahoochee Paddle is an 11-mile guided kayaking tour which takes participants on an exciting journey through the "West Atlanta" section of the Chattahoochee River Water Trail. Although under-utilized by most paddlers, this specific stretch of the Chattahoochee is filled with tons of beautiful natural scenery and cultural history. Participants won’t just paddle during this experience, they’ll immerse themselves in a river of culture, history, community, and fun!

*Note that this is a full-day event from 9a-5p

Ages 12+ (participants under 15 must paddle w/ a parent, guardian, or gaurdian-approved adult via a tandem kayak).

Cost: $20/person

Cost includes lunch, gear, boats, paddles, and access to the experience below:

Live Indigenous Storytelling: Learn about the indigenous communities that once thrived along the Chattahoochee’s shores for centuries. Learn how the river was used as a lifeline, a source of sustenance, and a hub of cultural exchange.

River Kayaking Instruction & Guidance: Prior to launching into the river, all participants will receive training and instruction from ACA Certified Kayaking Instructors. They’ll cover safety, technique, and best practices. Dedicated safety boaters will be present during the trip for added security.

Catered Picnic + Lunch & Learn: When we stop for lunch at Buzzard’s Roost Island, we’ll engage in music and explore the history of the Chattahoochee River as it relates to Atlanta's Black communities. We’ll also discuss current environmental challenges the river is facing, and the threats those challenges pose to the surrounding communities.

Physical Criteria to Participate...

  • At minimum, participants must be able to tread water.
  • Ability to swim is not required, however, participants must be realistic about their abilities and comfort level in a boat. We will get wet (lower body, possibly upper body). This event is NOT RECOMMENDED for those who are scared of water.
  • Participants must be able to breathe independently (i.e. not require medical devices to sustain breathing). Inhalers are fine.
  • Participants must be able to follow instructions and effectively communicate independently (i.e. without the assistance of an adult/companion).
  • Participants must be able to independently hold head upright without neck or head support
  • Kayaking is a full-body activity that requires the use of arms, shoulders, chest, and legs. Participants should come prepared to apply physical effort during the trip.

Mandatory Dress Code:

  • Do not wear cotton clothing
  • Wear water shoes or old tennis shoes that fit well. Must be closed-toed shoes.
  • NO flip flops! Or similarly styled footwear
  • Wear swimming or Quick-dry clothing (NO cotton or denim). If you don't have swim clothing, most athletic/sports clothes will work.
  • Hat (optional, but recommended).
  • Do not wear cotton clothing
  • Snacks (if you have specific dietary restrictions)
  • Water Bottle (filled w/ water)

For questions, please contact the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (404) 752-5385

See you on the water!


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Hooch Boat Ramp, 5892 Fairburn Rd #5446, Atlanta, United States


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