Vocal Sound Healing & Gong Bath Meditation

Thu Apr 25 2024 at 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm

Co. | Singapore

Vocal Sound Healing & Gong Bath Meditation
Do you know that you can heal yourself through working with your own voice?
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Vocal Sound Healing & Gong Bath Meditation

On this Full Moon in Scorpio night, let us come together to find balance between being practical and feeling all our feelings through Vocal Sound Healing and integration with a Moon Gong sound bath. We will work with our vocals on the theme of Self-Awareness, and to release anything that wants to come through, through your voice. Tapping into Scorpio energies, we let our voice reveal where we might have been mean or unkind towards someone or even ourselves, and release all that toxicity and negative feelings through vocal sound healing and gong vibrations.

Do you know that our voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument that we carry within us? Do you know that you can heal yourself through working with your own voice? Vocal Sound Healing is suitable for anyone who is:

* Having a blocked throat chakra.

* Find yourself stuck in your throat.

* Have a love hate or fear based relationship with your own voice.

* Have a fear of voicing out, or have difficulty expressing your truth and emotions.

* Feels that your voice is not good enough.

* Wants to connect more with your own authentic voice.

* Wants to experience healing through vocal sounding.

* Wants to release your emotions through your voice.

* Wants to have a deeper connection with your inner self through your voice.

* Wants to empower yourself through your own voice.

* Wants to have a deeper relationship and understanding of your body through your voice.

* Wants to heal deep layers of Core Wounds.

* Wants to explore the stories behind your own unique voice.

Do note that Vocal Sound Healing is NOT for aspiring singers to be, or those who want to learn vocal techniques to sing better. Vocal Sound Healing goes deeper than just trying to sound good. We will work with your voice through sound making, and soundscapes for authentic voice sounding with themes of Self-Reflection, Self-Care, Self-Awareness and Self-Love, and anchor in your healing journey with Moon Gong Sound Bath Meditation to end the session.

I invite you to join me on this self-healing journey to start connecting and loving your unique vocal instrument that you carry with you, and unlock the stories and traumas you might have been carrying subconsciously to be released.

Date: 25 Apr 2024, Thursday

Time: 730pm - 930pm

Venue: Co. @ Duxton

Address: 99 Duxton Road

Energy Exchange: $68/pax

Min. 5 pax to commence.

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