Upwording Your Work & Life – a 1-3 days workshop in Helsinki and online

Wed Aug 24 2022 at 09:00 am to Fri Aug 26 2022 at 05:00 pm

Esitystaiteen Keskus | Helsinki

Upwording Your Work & Life \u2013 a 1-3 days workshop in Helsinki and online
Upwording Your Work and life is a 1-3 days of practice-based learning to develop the quality of our communication, collaboration, leadership and relations.
You will gain an increased understanding of the core elements and approaches essential to creating healthy mutually beneficial communication. Each component and each day will build on the previous. You will leave with a range of options to draw on for your own, another person’s or team’s rigorous reflections and development. These can span from future imagining, planning and realising to creating conducive working and living conditions, and holding and facilitating crucial critical conversations.
​​Rivca Rubin is a facilitator for personal and professional development through practice based learning, mediation and coaching. The instigator of upwording, a joint-artistic director of Islington Mill, co-instigator of Grand ReUnion and co-creator of Tender Hotel.
Charles Lauder works with individuals and teams supporting them to think differently: with a particular focus on diversity and inclusion and engaging young people in leadership roles. He is also a film, TV and theatre director and former Chair of Contact, Manchester.
Together they develop upwording, facilitate organisational development and facilitate Crucial Critical Conversations.
1-3 days workshop with Rivca Rubin 24.–26.8. 9.30am-5pm at Eskus, Helsinki and online. Charles Lauder will join for Day 3 to co-facilitate the workshop with Ricva.
Day 1 – 75 €
Days 1+2 – 125 €
Days 1–3 – 150 €
Enroll before 19.8. at [email protected]
Supported by Helsinki City

A comprehensive introduction.The practice of upwording is an essential element in the dismantling of oppressive systems. It invites us to become aware of linguistic tools constructed to enable hierarchies of superiority and authoritarianism – be that patriarchy, white supremacy and many more – which have become habitual components of our everyday communication in such a way that we mostly don’t even notice. Upwording encourages us to co-create environments free from coercion, stress and anxiety, where our microcosm impacts and reflects what we would love to see happening throughout the world.
“What if…”
How to apply upwording within particular contexts and situations.
Creating our Climate
How to co-design agreements with your team, project partners, and community to maintain a team of willing, engaged, fulfilled members. Elements may include values, capacity, expectations, communication, approach, support and decision making.
Giving and Receiving Feedback
How to give feedback in such a way that receivers want to listen and are willing to engage with it, and how to turn judgemental hurtful opinions received into constructive feedback.
Stress or Stints of stretch and sprint. How to create conditions in which to work free from stress; choosing to refuse that (ongoing) stress is an acceptable part of working. The detrimental impact of stress on our mental and physical health and well-being, our communications and collaborations with one another is demonstrable.
Choose to Refuse
What else are you no longer prepared to accept, continue, inadvertently uphold by standing by in silence etc? Putting mutual care into action.
How to engage, acknowledge, reflect and support someone in distress, frustration or exploration, and not get drawn into the content.
A frame of flowing prompts with which to assist others in their own rigorous thinking without contaminating it with your own. You can also use RealisING in your own flow of considerations, whether the focus is on making a realisation about something, or realising an idea, project, or dream.
Crucial Critical Conversations with Charles Lauder and Rivca Rubin
How to suspend anger-rage and movetowards mutual benefits, places, and outcomes.
First, the approach and essential elements required to have challenging conversations on any crucial topic, e.g. war, vaccinations, trans, structural racism, privilege, where there may be widely different views. The aim is to broaden perspectives, deepen understanding, discover common ground and, thus, move towards mutual learning, potential agreements and possible next steps.
Then on to structure and how to facilitate these crucial critical conversations.

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Esitystaiteen Keskus, Suvilahti, Puhdistamo 6,Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki, Finland

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