Unleash Your Inner Champion: Build Confidence NOT Cockiness - Las Vegas

Tue Feb 14 2023 at 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Las Vegas | Las Vegas

Brandon Thammavong
Publisher/HostBrandon Thammavong
Unleash Your Inner Champion: Build Confidence NOT Cockiness - Las Vegas Helping driven & spiritual men develop bulletproof confidence so they can approach women, make more money, and achieve their dream body.
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Do you wish you could start approaching beautiful women?

Desire to be confident with your personal appearance?

Maybe you’re doing all the things but the results aren’t reflecting your efforts?


You have every intention of building your confidence, continuing to challenge yourself...YET...every week your social anxiety or negative self image stops you from doing the things to build your confidence muscle.

Just like you use exercises in the gym to build your physical muscles, books to strengthen your brain, you can develop your confidence muscle too.

In this workshop, I’ll share exercises you can do to build your confidence muscle to make a huge impact on how you approach women, how you perform at your job so you can make more money and amplify your confidence to achieve your dream body.

At the end of the day, you know how much better life would be if you just grew balls and approached the gym crush you’ve been eyeing for months.

But let me tell you, just because you can approach them, doesn’t mean they’ll go out with you.

This is where you want confidence, not cockiness.

Don’t worry, I’ll share the difference in the workshop.

You’ve been stuck trying to gain physical and emotional confidence the same way as everyone else.

Let me tell you this, you are different.

You may already know that when it comes men specifically...

●  It’s extremely difficult for us to build confidence based on social standards of what a man should be like.

●  We must attack our goals in a very specific and unique way. 

●  We can be narrow minded and don’t take advice from just anyone.

●  There must be a unique and holistic step-by-step process to reach your peak confidence, just like everything else we try to achieve in life. Everything requires a system.

Make this moment, the moment you take a new step toward transforming your confidence muscle and getting everything you’ve ever wanted. 

When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING... 

●  Everything YOU desire. 

●  The radiating self-confidence in the gym. 

●  Confidence to approach and talk to any girl you see. 

●  Confidence to be the loudest person in the room. 

●  Confidence to take any selfie and post it on IG. 

It all starts with ONE decision. 
One decision to do something about the way you're feeling.
It’s your time to kiss those insecurities and lack of self confidence GOODBYE! This workshop is designed to help you manifest bulletproof confidence. 
Join me for this 2 hour workshop to stop spinning your wheels and start creating the BEST version of yourself!

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Meet Brandon Thammavong

I help driven & spiritual men develop bulletproof confidence so they can approach women, make more money, and achieve their dream body.

You will discover how to tap into the physical and emotional confidence you’ve been seeking. The authentic foundations of your peace, happiness, and most importantly your success.

Think about that for a second.. Imagine being able to show up with bulletproof confidence on a first date? At a job interview? At your cousin’s wedding?

You can be an unstoppable force.

I wasn’t always this confident. Believe it or not, I was in the same position you are. Looking for guidance, answers, and most of all CONFIDENCE.

I began my confidence journey in 2011, believing I could do it myself. I started working out because I was the kid that was bullied his entire childhood. I was clueless what self confidence was, or what it should feel like. Overthinking and feeling worthless happened daily. I constantly felt cast out from friends and family. I was the hopeless romantic, just wanting to be in love.

Drugs and alcohol entered my life at the young age of 12. I was surrounded by the wrong people and had a lack of support from my parents. I was raised by my grandparents that had no idea what English was. I went through a dark path using these drugs as an outlet to my insecurities. I always felt like I didn’t fit in as an Asian kid growing up in America. When I turned 16, the gym served as my outlet, it literally changed my life and helped me build my external confidence. However, in 2019 I realized this type of confidence was superficial and not lasting. I wished I had sought help and guidance sooner, to put my pride and ego aside would have brought true confidence much faster.

TODAY... I’m confident in every area of my life.

- I can approach gorgeous women with confidence.

- I’m confident to show up solo to social events.

- I’m authentically myself in any situation.

- I love and value myself because my confidence is solid. 

The great news, I’m going to show you exactly how I achieved all of this and more.

My life journey has placed me in highly social environments as a Bartender, a Personal Trainer, and a Lifestyle and Confidence Coach/Mentor. I’ve been a fitness model for 6 years, with multiple mentors in business, confidence, and spirituality. I enjoy the incredible social environment provided by my Lifestyle and Mindset Coaching Business called North Star Zenergy. My experience and wisdom is here to help you succeed. Let me help you find your most confident and sexy self.

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