Unite Your Team by Creating Points of Connection via Purposeful Statements

Thu Oct 19 2023 at 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm

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Unite Your Team by Creating Points of Connection via Purposeful Statements
Discover the 'Purposeful Statement'. Leaders wanting best for all, join our online workshop for team unity & win-wins.
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Have you ever felt leading a team is like herding cats?
I've been there and...
Here’s the scoop: Most of us, at work, just have the workplace tying us together. That doesn't create a cohesive team. To create real bonds, we need more shared meanings *(still not sure what this means)*and common ground. To really connect with each other, it's not just about both liking the newest movie or snack. It's about sharing deeper stuff, like what we value or aim for, and having each other's backs as a team.
☼ Ta-da! Presenting the "Purposeful Statement."☼
What is that you ask? Think of it as your team's rallying cry. It's not just “What's our goal?” but “Why does this matter to us?”
The payoff of using a Purposeful Statement are:
♦ A team that's all in, wearing the same jersey, playing for the win.
♦Less drama for me and more eyes on the prize.
This strategy took me from a frazzled leader to a confident captain steering a united crew and I can't wait to share the how with you.
Curious? Join us for an exciting 3-day upskilling workshop: “Unite Your Team by Creating Shared Meaning through Purposeful Statements” We’re marrying heart with mission. By the end, you’ll have a tool you can use to get your team marching to the same beat, all pumped up for the journey ahead.

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Hi, my name is Yvette De Luna, nice to make you e-cquaintance!After 20 years of litigating on behalf of employers I had a plot twist and took on a new job, leading a team of 105 people....
...it was like getting tossed into the deep end of a pool without knowing how to swim. I felt torn between being the nice, friendly boss or the stern, no-nonsense type. I'd seen friendly bosses taken advantage of, while the no- nonsense ones became lunchtime jokes and managers employees wanted to run away from. Neither fit who I am.
So, I crafted my own approach. I combined lessons from mindfulness, positive discipline, and mindful detachment. It felt like I'd discovered the perfect recipe! I was able to relate and connect with my team members through kindness rather than through friendliness, I was firm without being bossy, and respectful rather than just tolerant. It was transformative!
Since then, I've moved on from that pivotal job and trained hundreds of managers and leaders. I even wrote a book titled 'Relationship Driven Leadership'. And.. I am eager to share this transformative approach with you and your team.
Interested? Schedule an appointment on our website, BE Human Leadership, or drop us an email at [email protected].

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