Tree Planting @Rail Corridor South(Buona Vista) Jun2024

Sat Jun 22 2024 at 08:00 am to 10:30 am

Resting Hut (Rail Corridor - N Buona Vista) | Singapore

NUS Toddycats
Publisher/HostNUS Toddycats
Tree Planting @Rail Corridor South(Buona Vista) Jun2024
We invite you to help prepare the grounds, and plant native trees to enhance the habitat along the Rail Corridor South (Buona Vista)
About this Event

This Habitat Enhancement @RCS (Jun/Jul) series is offered in support of Go Green SG 2024.

The Rail Corridor is a unique green space that encompasses former railway tracks that once connected Singapore and Malaysia. It has been transformed into a beautiful and accessible recreational trail, offering a glimpse into Singapore's natural heritage.

The Rail Corridor serves as a haven for diverse flora and fauna species, and provides a crucial migration pathway for wildlife, allowing them to move freely between different green spaces. This connectivity is essential for genetic diversity and the long-term survival of species. Efforts are underway to restore and enhance the natural habitats within the Rail Corridor by reintroducing native plant species and creating suitable environments for wildlife.

NUS Toddycats will work to help augment the habitat enhancement works along the Rail Corridor South. We will be undertaking Soil Prep and Tree Planting of carefully-selected trees suitable for the habitat, and thereafter undertaking Sapling Protection Action to give tender loving care to these tree saplings. Through SPA, we hope to reduce the transplantation stress experienced by these newly-planted tree saplings, and enhance their survability until they take root!

We invite you to join us; especially if you are residing or working around the area.

We will undertake Tree Planting during this session.

It will entail:
  • Scraping grass off the topsoil
  • Digging into, and excavating the exposed soils with a changkul
  • Loosening any embedded rocks or items with a chiam(if neccessary)
  • Adding approved soil mixtures (ASM) into the grounds to enhance the soil before planting
  • Placing the tree into the prepared grounds
  • Top up the area around its base with ASM, followed by mulch (e.g. leaf litter or wood chips)
  • Watering the newly-planted saplings well
  • Where necessary, staking the saplings to give them temporary support whilst they strengthen their trunks

Please take note
  • Participants MUST wear COVERED SHOES; without this, you will not be allowed to participate.
  • We strongly recommend that you bring sunblock, and a hat/cap to help shelter yourself from the sun. Arm sleeves are useful too.
  • Bring AT LEAST 1 litre of drinking water - you will need it!
  • Have a hearty meal before the session and bring some snacks to munch on and prevent exhaustion
  • Bring insect repellent; there could be mosquitoes and insects in the area.
  • Bring your own gloves, if you have a pair (we will supply otherwise)
  • Bring a change of clothes in case you get drenched or dirty after the physical and potentially muddy activity

Further details will be emailed to registered participants 2 days before the session.

Where do we meet?

We meet at the Rail Corridor itself, at the resting hut next to the Buona Vista Node (near the Elementum building). If you coming from the MRT station, take Exit D through Metropolis to find your way to our meeting point (see map below).

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Resting Hut (Rail Corridor - N Buona Vista), Resting Hut (Rail Corridor - N Buona Vista), Singapore, Singapore


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