Transformational NeuroDynamic Breathwork Workshop

Sat May 25 2024 at 01:00 pm to 03:30 pm UTC-05:00

Ashley Lynn Caputo at Unwind the Mind Hypnosis and Wellness, LLC | Tampa

Ashley Lynn Caputo at Unwind the Mind Hypnosis and Wellness, LLC
Publisher/HostAshley Lynn Caputo at Unwind the Mind Hypnosis and Wellness, LLC
Transformational NeuroDynamic Breathwork Workshop

Join us for a transformational experience for our NeuroDynamic™ Breathwork Workshop! Breathwork is hands-down the fastest and most effective way to create rapid change in our personal and professional experiences. This is NOT a yogic or relaxation type of breathing. This is a deep conscious style of breathing that floods the body with life-force energy (Prana). It unlocks suppressed emotions in our emotional physical mental and spiritual bodies and then removes blocks in a truly powerful way. This helps to move emotions (energies in motion) that we may be subconsciously holding on to so that they can be released and transformed - and so we can be FREE. This breathing technique allows us to access higher states of consciousness where we can tap into inner resources and wisdom.

In this 2 to 2.5 -hour workshop we will learn the technique set intentions for the practice start breathing and finish with a little meditation to integrate the session. The music is loud and meant to be evocative to aid with release work. This will be followed by processing and then some time to enjoy refreshments. We provide everyone with a free journal. Private breathwork sessions are valued at $250 or more but this group session allows us to give you a great discount and for all of us to share energy! Please bring a yoga mat blankets any eye pillows or other comfort items you might like such as chapstick and appropriate clothing. We suggest layers as the studio is kept chilly and the breathing can produce heat. ? Please do not eat anything heavy for at least 2 hours before this event. Should you be unable to get to the ground please contact us in advance so we can set up a chair for you. If you are unsure if breathwork is right for you please consult a medical professional.

Must RSVP in advance and be able to safely climb one flight of stairs. Feel free to reach out with any questions!! NB: this event is cross advertised so the number of attendees on any one platform may be incorrect and RSVPs will close when we reach our limit.

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Ashley Lynn Caputo at Unwind the Mind Hypnosis and Wellness, LLC, 12517 Pokey Lane,Tampa,FL,United States


USD 67.50

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