Transformational Healing Ceremony TALLINN, 20/02

Tue Feb 20 2024 at 06:30 pm to 09:30 pm

Zen Space Studio kalaranna 8/11 tallinn | Tallinn

Body Mind Soul Therapy
Publisher/HostBody Mind Soul Therapy
Transformational Healing Ceremony TALLINN, 20\/02 Consciousness Opening Practice — Transformational Healing Ceremony - TALLINN 20/02
Experience your true essence, reconnect to you heart home and clear the path of your highest purpose — 3 hours to free your body from trauma, (re)connect with your higher self inner guidance, with ancient kundalini kriya yoga & tantric healing, De-Armoring, Energy Healing & Reality creation.

C.O.P is an experiential practice that helps you to free your body from traumas at a subconscious level,
And open yourself to divine consciousness — and invite your higher self to guide you from within ★
Let yourself connect with the divine within you to heal energetic blocks, grow and expand your awareness of what IS ✨
…Infused in a cosmic portal created to hold the group container during the entire session ?
A guided journey that includes:
★ Kundalini Kriya yoga
★ Transformational Breathwork
★ Energetic Cosmic Transmission
★ Body De-Armouring
★ Supportive music,
light language & inspired chantings
★ Integrative meditation
& Little sharing circle.
It feels like a complete body opening, some would say rebirth even…
…or an opening of cosmic force in the body, harmonizing and aligning your system, supporting to release of stuck emotions, and traumas.
Little preview:
It’s truly beyond anything words can explain – just come and experience the magic!

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- Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled
- Feel into a strong positive intention for yourself
- Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Try to avoid metal zippers or snaps down your front
- Eat lightly if at all before the session. An empty stomach is best, but a light snack such as fruit is fine.
- If you are a meat-eater, try to refrain from meat a few days ahead of time.
- No coffee, alcohol or use of other substances before class

More information about it:
At our essence, we are all beings of pure love and joy.
As innocent children, we are open and trusting of our parents and the world.
But after experiencing the disappointments, emotional traumas, and social conditioning of life,
we shut down and numb ourselves to avoid feeling pain.
Our bodies become tense, contracted, and energetically blocked keeping us from experiencing the joy of sexual pleasure and life in general.
These unconscious defenses can be referred to as body or sexual armoring.

Body De-armoring helps release chronic tension generated by shame and guilt,
as well as block due to a hard time like a hard break up, depression, etc
Also — Unconscious sex, years of not listening to your body, and not having clear and set boundaries.
It is intense but profoundly healing bodywork focusing on the external erogenous zones to clear out fear-based emotions stored in the tissue.
It enhances sensuality, and vitality and helps sexual energy flow freely to experience the depths of your full body orgasmic potential
& life force creative energy to be express it in the world.
— How does it take place in a group session?
It feels like a complete body opening, some would say rebirth even…�… or an Activation of the life force in the body, harmonizing and aligning your system,
opening it to release stuck emotions, traumas…
…Through Energy work, breathwork, Soft touch, life force energy activation & DeArmouring points.

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*24hr cancellation policy applies*
No late shows as I have to hold the energetic container

If You Feel The Call,�
I’m happy to Welcome You There ?

Love & Blessings,

Event Venue

Zen Space Studio kalaranna 8/11 tallinn, Kalaranna 8, Põhja-Tallinn, Tallinn, 10415 Harju Maakond, Eesti,Tallinn, Estonia


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