Transformational Breathwork

Fri Apr 21 2023 at 08:30 pm to 10:30 pm

YOGA at Lobe Block UG i.g. | Berlin

Cari Merriam
Publisher/HostCari Merriam
Transformational Breathwork
An Emotional Release, Supportive Spiritual Journey to Heal what Needs to be Healed and to Experience Freedom from Past Pain & Stuck Energy.
About this Event

What to expect:

Breathwork is a gateway towards deeper connection and energetic freedom.

Within this two hour workshop you will experience the transformational shifts from a variety of ancient tools and practices. I often tell my students to come without any expectations and to allow the medicine of the breath to work it’s magic. Being immersed in this practice for almost a decade I’ve seen how the breath can work in every imaginable way and sometimes all one feels and experiences is deep relaxation. Whatever is wanting to move, if you are willing to surrender to your breath and body, it will be moved.

Each month will be a different collective conscious theme.

What is Transformational Breathwork:

Transformational Breathwork is my interpretation of 3 part breathwork, international taught by my teacher David Elliott (

I’ve combined what I’ve learned and studied with him with elements of my own teachings which include yogic philosophy, tantra (breath, body, sound), and Jungian coaching methods.

This is not your average breathwork workshop as we start in a medicine circle and open ourselves with vulnerability to pierce back the layers of the ego and begin to bring into consciousness that which is desiring to be seen, held, heard, and healed

Our time together will be a combination of group coaching, movement, self reflection, deep healing, and an active breathwork meditation practice. There will also be a special and specific heart opening music playlist to fuse the breath to the rhythm of sound. (this will be different each month)

What to bring

  • water bottle
  • loose clothing
  • something to cover your eyes
  • a journal
  • a pen
  • avoid eating anything heavy 2 hours before

Is this for me?

The only requirement is that you come with an openness and willingness to breath deeply. I feel so close to the students that have come and continue to join each session. It truly feels like the most open, heart felt space.

That being said it’s also important to feel safe in your own body and in your own experience. If you are currently working through major trauma, or a serious illness, or taking antipsychotic or other strong Medic*tion I would recommend you get approval from your doctor first. This is also the same if you are currently pregnant. Pregnant women have done this and other breathwork techniques or simply listen to the transmission and utilize their own sounds… however ever women experiences pregnancy differently. Therefore please discuss with your doctor first.

It’s also important to note that I am not a doctor and when you purchase a ticket you are confirming that you are mentally and physically stable and able to do so. Participation does not replace any therapeutic or conventional medical treatment and is generally at your own risk.

Energy Exchange:

The event is 44 euros (which includes all tax and fees). There is also tea and snacks at the end of the event too.

* If you have any questions please email me [email protected]

*For each event I offer 3 spaces at a discount rate (10 euros) for those of us that need some additional financial support during these times and for the BIPOC community. If this is you, please contact me directly via email.

*limited spots available for each sessions

*Please note that when you sign up for this event, you email will be automatically transferred to our email database where you can unsubscribe at anytime

xxoxo Looking forward to holding space for your heart and your healing

Sincerely, Cari Merriam

Transformational Healer, Coach, & Spirit Guide


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YOGA at Lobe Block UG i.g., Böttgerstraße 16, Berlin, Germany


EUR 44.00

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