Transcendental Breathwork introduccion gratuita en Espanol. Barcelona

Wed Apr 12 2023 at 07:30 pm to 09:00 pm

Villa Zen Carrer del Torrent de les Flors, 50 | Barcelona

Thomas Amiard
Publisher/HostThomas Amiard
Transcendental Breathwork introduccion gratuita en Espanol. Barcelona
Transcendental Breathwork is a variation of Holotropic Breathwork.
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Transcendental Breathwork Facilitated by Thomas Amiard:Full workshop booking here


Transcendental Breathwork is a variation of Holotropic Breathwork.

It’s a technique of personal development and therapy from transpersonal psychology co-created by Stanislav Grof one of the most important contemporary psychologists after Freud, Pavlov, CG Yung and A. Maslow.

This practice combines ancestral techniques and the latest developments in modern psychology It allows access to non-ordinary or extended states of consciousness in order to reach parts of the psyche that are usually difficult to access, such as:

 - The subconscious where traumatic experiences, emotional and psychosomatic blockages, limiting thoughts, etc. are stored

 -The superconscious, the seat of creativity, intuition, transcendental and spiritual experiences.

In this 90-minute introduction, you will learn everything about this technique both theoretically and practically:

-How expanded states of consciousness have been used to heal for thousands of years

-How modern psychology has revisited these ancestral practices to develop

one of the most effective methods of therapy.

-What is the psychodynamic process, which intervenes in the healing of childhood traumas, emotional and psychosomatic blockages and limiting beliefs, as well as in the processes of creativity, intuition and spontaneous spiritual experiences.

You will discover what are the four main categories of possible experience in an expanded state of consciousness:

1-Access to the body's memory and the possible physical releases.

2-Access to memories of the birth process and the different influences involved.

3-Access to biographical memories and the healing of trauma, emotional blockages and limiting beliefs.

4-Access to creativity, intuition, and spontaneous transpersonal/transcendental/spiritual experiences.

We will also discuss all the practical aspects concerning the course of the four-hour workshops that will take place at the Villa zen.

-How to best prepare for the journey

- The particular context in which the session is carried out (comfortably lying down, blindfolded

immersed in a musical journey with a very particular design)

-What are the two Integration Phases, taking place just after the experience.

See you soon for 90 minutes of discoveries!

The full workshop will take place twice only:

22nd of Abril (English-Spanish) 15h-19h30 23rd of Abril ( Spanish-French ) 15h-19h30

Registration Here:Full workshop booking here


After an early shamanic initiation by Maria Sabina's niece in the Sierra Mazatec in Mexico, Thomas Amiard has explored the field of expanded states of consciousness for several years through various traditions in Europe, South America and Asia.  

In 2014, he met Stan Grof with whom, among others, he completed a three-year training and certification in psychology and Holotropic Breathwork.

Settled in Hong Kong in 2016, Thomas worked for two years in a medical practice as a psychotherapist, he spoke at conferences in Paris, Lisboa, Shenzhen, Shanghai and at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong.

Specializing in personal development and therapy using expanded states of consciousness, he also gives courses and leads workshops based on Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and Sufi spiritual traditions.

Back in Paris in 2022, he now leads group workshops and individual sessions, gives talks and will soon start a certification program in psychology and Breathwork: Mindfulbreathworks & Transcendental Breathwork 


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Villa Zen Carrer del Torrent de les Flors, 50, 50 Carrer del Torrent de les Flors, Barcelona, Spain


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