The only 25+ Bar Tour Budapest

Sat Dec 04 2021 at 08:00 pm to 11:00 pm UTC+01:00

Pálinka Museum Budapest | Budapest

Hungaria Koncert ltd.
Publisher/HostHungaria Koncert ltd.
The only 25+ Bar Tour Budapest
Discover hidden gems and hip nightlife spots of Budapest in small groups.
About this Event

Have an exclusive Bar Tour experience, without the shady bartenders and avoiding the uncomfortable party crowd.

You can either visit a country or experience it… we offer the second!

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Budapest’s nightlife offers a huge variety of venues for all travelers, however it’s also easy to lose track and end up in Tourist Only places where you can’t meet locals. What we offer is guidance and new friends to experience this world together, and to learn how to have fun in a Hungarian way.

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Start the evening with a quick introduction to our national brandy-like spirit, Pálinka, and continue the night to some unique nightlife locations. Get tons of recommendations for your following nights and meet like-minded travelers.

What will we do?

-Visiting the one and only Palinka Experience and Bar

-Discover a less known ruin bar off the beaten track

-Find out where the coolest spots of the nightlife are

-Meet with like minded individuals all preferring a good chat over chanting and raging.

-Tailor a Tour according to your own interests

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This tour is especially for you if you love…

-Meeting new people

-Learn about culture

-Tasting new drinks

-exploring beyond the obvious

-Tourist free areas off the beaten track

Discover Budapest by night with style. Have a nightout full of experience and fine drinks, while you learn about the Hungarian culture in a way that is not possible on a usual tour. Explore Hungary’s crown, Budapest, and its delicious drinks!


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Pálinka Museum Budapest, 20 Király utca, Budapest, Hungary


EUR 30.00

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