The Medicine Music Lounge Concert by TERRA\\nova & Fractals of the Universe

Sat Jul 23 2022 at 05:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Plant the Future | Miami

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The Medicine Music Lounge Concert by TERRA\\\\nova & Fractals of the Universe
TERRA\\nova & Fractals of the Universe present: The Medicine Music Lounge Concert.
About this Event

The Medicine Music Lounge was born when two of our featured musicians showed up to a TERRA\\nova event back in October 2021 (our House music-centric production) with their instruments and started jamming. An intimate group gathered around organically to enjoy their magic.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we provided them with a stage of their own at the next production, and they have been an integral part of our brand ever since.

The Medicine Music Lounge has evolved tremendously in a short amount of time and most recently brought down the house in our last production featuring international DJ/Producer BLOND:ISH.

Today, we present you a production of their very own: The Medicine Music Lounge Concert.

Our intention is to uplift our local talent within the Medicine Music space through an elevated concert experience by showcasing them on a dedicated platform of their own, allowing them to share their medicine while keeping the integrity and spirit alive of the master plants and that of the creator. Medicine Music is a genre typically played in sacred plant ceremonies, and this concert pays tribute to those healing spirits and ancient traditions.

Our mission is to further define the Medicine Music space in Miami. Historically, Miami is known for its budding music scene and recently has become a dynamic place for “seekers” within the realms of spirituality and consciousness, merging these two concepts to create an expansion within the community.

The partnership between and was the perfect fit for such an occasion.

TERRA\\nova is an elevated brand and community set to open portals for a sustainable, tech-forward, and mystically inclusive vision of the future. Fractals of the Universe provides “seekers” with a safe and conscious space to grow with integrity and authenticity through uplifting events and experiences that provide healing and transformation.


This is an intimate, alcohol-free, live music concert that is open to all ages and all walks of life! Drinks and snacks will be available for sale. We are always a single-use plastic-free production, so feel free to BYOC (bring your own cup) if you'd like to share the beverages for sale. A vendor garden will be consciously-curated for shopping to support local businesses.


5:30-5:45 PM | Opening Ceremony by Sasha Mangos

5:45-6:30 PM | Sasha Mangos

6:30-6:45 PM | Intermission

6:45-8:00 PM | Keysel & The Ecstatic Family Band

8:00-8:30 PM | Intermission

8:30-10:00 PM | Simon Jano Sessions


We would like to thank our sponsor, Miami Tech Life, for supporting this event.

As always, this production is a plastic-free event in partnership with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation. Donate at check-out to support a plastic-free music industry.

And now, with our newest sustainability partner, Sprightful Solar, we are offsetting our carbon footprint, too.

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Simon Jano Sessions ()

Simon Jano Sessions is a musical project created by producer/songwriter Simon Jano, based on his experiences with sacred plants and ancestral shamanic teachings.

Simon Jano began his career in rock, pop, and electronic music, than 10 years as an independent producer of artists, film, and TV. As an Art Rock artist, he released two albums and has collaborated with musicians such as Tony Levin, (bass player for Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) and Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd’s background vocals).

With his evolution as a musician, he is currently focused on producing and interpreting medicine/conscious music, birthing Simon Jano Sessions. A project that consists of several collaborations with other artists as well as solo reinterpretations. His music is inspired by the legacy of Andean and Amazonian medicine music, Native American Lakota songs, Yoruba prayers, and other sounds that mark Simon’s path in his exploration of the inner self.

Productions under Simon Jano Sessions include "Camino de Estrellas", by Maestro Alonso Del Rio influenced by greats such as Brian Eno and Vangelis, The Native American classic "Lakota Lullaby", and the new highly anticipated release of “Abuelito Pinta” from medicine man Andres Cordoba on July 23rd, 2022.

Keysel & The Ecstatic Family Band ()

Keysel is a Medicine and Folk musician with a background in Anthropological work. It eventually led him to life overseas where, mixing his penchant for music with the varied and rich sounds of the Mongolian Steppe, he crafted a unique sound of mystical cadences and uplifting rhythms. Now, back in Miami, his time with Indigenous elders has informed a colorful pallet of multi-instrumental medicine music which he uses to mix into a verdant panacea of sound. With stomp and dance, Keysel brings you the emotive simplicity of folk with a touch of wildness as he sings from these multicultural visions of his life, paying ode to beauty, nature, and the wisdom of his kind teachers.

Sasha Mangos ()

With a deep connection to spirit, the elements, and song, Sasha is often referred to as a "Musical Medicine Woman". If you ask her, she just feels like a jazzy mango! Performing since age 7, Sasha fuses a world of theatrics, neo-soul jazz, Mexican traditions, mantras, spirituality, and shamanism. She has a deep-seeded passion to empower and awake the divine feminine and hopes that the strength of her voice can facilitate that journey. Sasha holds her B.F.A in Acting from the conservatory at SUNY Purchase College. You can find her streaming on Spotify as Sasha Mangarre and on Instagram as @sashamangos.

Katie Berns Lee ()

Katie Berns Lee is a multi-dimensional ecstatic hand-drummer who leads experiences that take the audience from the soil to the stars. She leads Women's Primal Drumming and Cacao ceremonies to help women open their hearts, ground in their being, and express more greatly than many knew was possible. Katie is deeply connected to ancient cultures and the original ways of being and encourages people to express their truest selves through vocal opening, movement, and ecstatic expression. This shows in her ancient digital artwork and music alike.

Nik Olas ()

Nik Olas is an instrument, a channeler of cosmic tones and healing sounds through the meta-instruments of voice, guitar, piano, percussion and the songwriting modality. He oftentimes hears fully orchestrated and produced musical transmissions in his head and does his best to bring them into this world as purely as possible. He also greatly enjoys the co-creative interplay of jamming and collaborating with other cosmic musicians to bring about states of ecstatic bliss, reminding all those present what unconditional love feels like.


Isaiah Ampuero, also known as Azul, is a multi-instrumentalist. Playing piano, guitar, flute, vocals, and percussion, he finds ways to express the infinite potential of the human soul, heart, and mind through improvisation and constant changes in styles. Through his journey of self-reflection and looking into many genres and cultures, he is able to express something universal, to unify — a collective song or heartbeat if you will. On a mission to uplift and heal through music, he devotes all his efforts to the service of the highest good of humanity. “Each note I play, chord I strum and rhythm made is an offering to god". Azul hopes to continue making music in the fashion of community so that as a family, we can all rise together through the immense potency and power of music, love, and dance.


Plant the Future is an award-winning botanical design firm, art gallery, and plant boutique that collaborates with artists, interior designers, architects, and developers across the world to bring people closer to nature. Its mission resonates with ours: to help people reconnect with nature through art and design. They seek to help everyone understand why biophilia exists by creating beautiful experiences inspired by mother nature.

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