The Light within a Human Heart - talk by Lars Muhl in Amsterdam

Fri Oct 22 2021 at 07:00 pm to 09:30 pm UTC+02:00

de Roos | Amsterdam

Lars Muhl
Publisher/HostLars Muhl
The Light within a Human Heart - talk by Lars Muhl in Amsterdam The Light within a Human Heart - talk by Lars Muhl in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22 October 2021
Talk by Danish author, mystic and musician. Lars will talk about his personal experiences and findings about the infinite universe of wisdom we all carry within our heart. There is an outer world that is exciting and fascinating, but there is an infinity of multidimensional possibilities in each individual, a completely different reality, just waiting to be opened.
Universal questions such as: Who are we? Where do we come from? What is the meaning of us? Where are we heading? will be addressed.
Lars Muhl says:
Together we will raise the fallen, heal the broken, gather the separated, open the closed and reveal the concealed.
We are already Enlightened Beings, so what is holding us back from manifesting it through healing right now?
Yeshua (Jesus) said, a rebirth must take place – already in the present life. A re-connecting to our true Self – and an understanding how to stay in this connection – so that we start to feel, see, listen and speak through this Self of ours. The understanding and experience of this real Self is what I wish to facilitate through my books, songs, lectures and workshops.

Through my studies of the Aramaic language, I have come to understand the inner principles behind the wisdom of the Essenes and Therapists, as conveyed by Yeshua the Nazarene and Mariam the Magdalene.
The healing and re-birth, that is always the aim of my workshops, is being manifested and experienced through connection with Presence; through Sacred Breath; through the powerful Aramaic words of Yeshua and Mariam; through working with Angelic Energies and through Prayer and Blessings, Ceremonial Singing and Dance.
Whatever name or title my talks or workshops receive, that what I share is always aimed at the present moment and those who choose to attend it – because:
There’s a Light that shines forever
hidden deep within our Hearts.
And every breath we take is sacred
Feel it’s Presence in this Now.
And there’s a song that sounds forever
all the way through space and time.
Hear it calling, feel it falling
From your Heart right into mine.
May God Bless you
and your loved ones.
May His Light shine
on you always.
Practical information:
Friday, 22 October 2021 at 19.00-21.30 / 7.00-9.30 pm.
De Roos (The Rose in Dutch), in the ‘Hooftzaal’, P.C. Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Centrally located in Amsterdam city. It's possible to buy organic and vegetarian food in the venue’s cafe.
Price for the talk:
30 EUR / 220 DKK
Buy tickets here:
About Lars Muhl:
Lars Muhl is a Danish author, mystic and musician, born in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1950.
For years, Lars has worked as a singer and composer who, along with his musical career, studied the world religions and esoteric knowledge.
In 1996, he was struck by an unexplained illness that neither doctors nor therapists could diagnose. For three years he was bedridden - unable to move or think properly. Through a close friend, Lars was put in contact with a seer and healer who, by telephone, brought him back to life.
It was the beginning of a journey into a new chapter of his life, which he has described and documented in his trilogy ‘The O Manuscript’. A trilogy that since 2002 has been sold in 70,000 copies in Denmark. The trilogy is published in numerous countries and has followers around the world.
In the Netherlands, the three volumes of ‘The O Manuscript’ have been published separately by Edicola Publishing: ‘De Ziener’, ‘De Magdaleen’ and ‘De Graal’, as well as 'Taxo Luma' - a spiritual novel inspired by the prophecy about a future coming of the Messiah.
In his work today, he is weaving all those past treads together, using sound, story telling, outer knowledge and inner wisdom, sacred silence, movement prayer and blessing to inspire and help people to step into their inner awareness of the Divine Essence within and around each and everyone of us.
Books in English:
The O Manuscript
The Law of Light
The Wisdom of a Broken Heart
The God Formula
The Light within a Human Heart
Books in Dutch:
De Ziener
De Magdaleen
De Graal
Taxo Luma
Films & videos:
The Seer documentary (trailer):

The Coming of The Divine Feminine:

The Healing Method of Yeshua & The Essenes:

The Gate of Light:

Gateways and Passwords to Heaven:

On the Feminine and Masculine Principles:

I AM is the only Answer:

May God Bless You:

On The Angelic Forces:

A Message of Hope – in Three Minutes:

On The God Formula:

The Mystical Path of Healing:

Life as Prayer:

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de Roos, Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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