The Fast Track - Learn To Swing Dance in A Day (6 count edition)

Sat Dec 04 2021 at 03:00 pm to 06:00 pm

112 Middle Rd, Singapore 188970, Singapore | Singapore

B Swing Lindy
Publisher/HostB Swing Lindy
The Fast Track - Learn To Swing Dance in A Day (6 count edition)
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We know that sometimes it's hard to make the commitment to a whole 4 or 6 week dance series due to a busy timetable. Sometimes life throws us some curveballs and we have to adapt. But sometimes, an opportunity like this comes up too - and if you have a window in your busy schedule now is the time!
Join us for our Fast Track Classes. Held on Saturday 4 Dec, this 3 hour long session will give you all the tools you need to start swing dancing in just one setting. Our experienced teachers will guide you through material that is normally spread over a 4 week course in 3 hours. It will be fast but also efficient and effective. For those of you that like a concentrated dose of learning, this is the course for you. After 3 hours we promise you will have all the tools and material you need to get started swing dancing anywhere, anytime.
In this session, we teach the what is sometimes called "east coast swing", but we call it 6-count (in our lindy hop terminology). 6-count is a great way to get into the rest of the swing dances as it is the easiest and most beginner friendly member of the swing dance family while providing plenty of variations to keep even advanced dancers satisfied. 6-count is used for all tempos of swing music and is a versatile tool all swing dancers have. It gives you the basic footwork, the basic swing rhythm and the basic understanding of music and partnerwork in an easy to understand package. Then in just 3 hours, you can actually dance a whole song with another person - that's what we call "great communication"!
Payment -
100sgd for the 3h session
"Sign Up as a Couple" or "Bring a Friend" - 85sgd each person (170sgd for 2 pax)
We want to reward you for helping us get people dancing. If you bring another person along with you to class, regardless of gender, it will be 85sgd for the both pf you. At BSL we do not believe that biological gender define the roles of the lead and follow in our dance, and we feel that it is wonderful that both genders can learn both roles in the dance. If you have a preference or if you feel uncomfortable dancing with a person of the same gender, please let our teachers know. They will work out something suitable.
Class will be at
The Studio @ Bugis
112 Middle Road #07-01
4th Dec Saturday 330pm to 630pm.
For enquiries please send an email to [email protected], or DM us in our Facebook Page.
You can also find us on Instagram - Bswinglindy.

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112 Middle Rd, Singapore 188970, Singapore

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