The DV8 Kettlebell Teaching Certification

Sat Nov 13 2021 at 08:00 am to Sun Nov 14 2021 at 06:00 pm UTC-05:00

Placemade | Toronto

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An authentic teaching Certification combining Kettlebells, Bodyweight and Indian Clubs that integrates a new system of training instruction.
About this Event

There is limited spacing for this Live, In-Person Certification due to continued pandemic restrictions; please do not wait to register if you are interested, as we will not have leeway in allowing additional enrollees. Thank you for your understanding.

Also, in an effort to grow the kettlebell community in Canada itself, all individuals with Canada as their primary residence will be offered registration at a discounted rate. See ticket options to take advantage!

That said, students from all countries are invited, and it will be our honor to have you.

Welcome to DV8.


TEAMS — A vital concept to stability and sustainability: When corporate politics are set aside in industry, we affirm education, community and excellence. Though a more difficult path requiring an enhanced level of discipline and Strength, of the individual and team—it is not only attainable, but also noble to the greater good and perpetuity of any educational structure and practice.



Aptitude in

Movement &


“Though an age old adage, the importance of how we align and educate ourselves becomes increasingly more clear in the modern day.

We are, and we continue to become, exactly what we surround ourselves with.” — DV8Fitnes

The DV8 Teaching Certification
Becoming DV8 Strength and Movement Teaching Certified

The DV8 Certifications introduce Phil Scarito’s method of modeling and teaching Strength Instruction, from Kettlebells to Bodyweight, to Indian Clubs to Lifting. Though you will certify in one particular modality specifically in a given Certification, you will learn that modality, and to hone and teach that modality, through a mixed modality approach. An application aimed at, and suited to, teaching all learners—from those in the certification space, to those who will learn from them. Think of it as University, but one that offers you a Major with built-in, accompanying Minors to help you forge your success.


We have all but eliminated the frustration that most Students face when learning a new skill and we have made it easy for Coaches and Instructors to teach it. Less drills, more get-it-right-from-the-start instruction. And where progressions are required, we prefer progressions to train the skills, progressions that are strengthening methods themselves, as opposed to crutches or training wheel type approaches that must be trained out of eventually.

Our approach to Strength, from values to the physical, is revolutionary.

This November, join us for the DV8:Kettlebell Teaching Certification
Kettlebell Movements

The Deadlift, Swing, Clean, Snatch, Front Squat and Half Wedge GU (Get-Up) will be tested*, using the DV8 concepts taught throughout the weekend.

*The entire Get-up will be taught

Tested as follows:

Deadlift - Double bells 5 Reps/Single bell 5R/5L

Clean - Double bells 5 Reps/Single bell 5R/5L

Snatch- Single bell 5R/5L

Swing - Double bells 5reps/Single bell 5R/5L

Front Squat - Double bells 5reps/Single bell 5R/5L

Half Wedge GU (Get-Up) - 5R/5L

Bell sizes will vary based on movement tested, and technique tests will not be by bell weight. It will be up to the student to make smart choices during testing that gives them the best chance to demonstrate the skills above. Each student should be able to execute the movement according to the DV8 system.

*All testing will be done Virtually the following week after the Certification*

Indian Clubs Component

Integrating other tools such as the Indian Club gives the participant a proven way to improve shoulder mobility, posture, while adding a new movement assessment and teaching how to truly go from tension to relaxation during training session.

Two fundamental patterns will be taught, not tested.

Bodyweight Component

The DV8 system of teaching introduces cues and concepts that will make immediate changes and improve the participants Push-Up and Scarito’s One Arm Wedge Pushup.

The student will be tested on the Classic Push-Up (5 reps).

What is a Push-Up by DV8 standards? Neck neutral, slightly extended; solid hollow position held throughout the movement; heels behind the toes; feet shoulder width apart; elbows slightly angled towards the ribs.

The DV8 One Arm Wedge Push-Up is taught, not tested.

Strength & Endurance Challenge

Clean to Push Press with a Re-Clean after each rep — 20 reps (Cannot put bells down.)

Objective: Clean bells into Rack. The student will proceed to Push Press the bells into an overhead lockout position, the heels can come up or stay down and the student can either lower the bells into the rack or let them be absorbed by a knee dip. After each Push Press there must be a re-clean. Bells cannot be put down, only a rest in Rack position is allowed during testing. A knee bend must be present during each rep and no strict presses will be allowed. There is no time limit.

Kettlebell Test Weight: Students will determine bell size prior to Certification weekend in order to train for the test safely and appropriately.*

To do so, determine your 5 Rep Max Double Kettlebell Military Press. Then go one bell size down from your max, and these will be the bells you test with. For example, a Student presses double 28k's for 5, their test bell will be 24k. Another example: a Student presses 16k's for 5, so their test bell will be 14k. If Your Strength & Endurance test bell weight increases with your training, prior to Event weekend, please allow this benefit and be proud of your progress.

(We will be testing your five rep max the following week during your one to one testing in order to make sure it is your true 5 rep max. Be mindful that one size below is in 2kilo drops, NOT 4 kilo. For example, 16k to 14k or 24k to 22k)


It's one thing to be tested on performance and skills, but what makes an Instructor/Coach most impactful to their students is the ability to interact with their students. We will instruct and test each participant on their ability to take the DV8 guidelines and apply these guidelines in various situations throughout the entire weekend.


Your education includes the specifics of how to instruct and coach individuals and groups. *Presentation skills are covered as well.*


During testing, students must demonstrate they understand and are able to effectively practice the DV8 guidelines, concepts, and instruction tactics. These will be taught and practiced during the weekend and tested the following week along with the skills and C&PP test.

Students will also leave the weekend with easily used in-hand tools to continue to practice after the weekend and well beyond testing.


Methods and results are replicable and easily identifiable; people will be able to indentify from where you learned to practice and teach, and where their teacher (you, as the Coach of other Students) learned to practice and teach. This is the mark of a true discipline. We welcome you to the lineage of Phil Scarito's teaching traditon, with humility and honor.

Virtual Skills Testing

In order to focus on the weekend of learning the DV8 Methodology we decided to test your skills, along with the teaching test the following week. This way each student has the opportunity to improve and work on their Virtual coaching skills.

Equipment Required for the week of testing - Virtually

You will need to be able to access adequate test bells the week following the Cert in order to test. In addition to your test bells, a light and medium size bell will be helpful along with a few Yoga blocks or bumper plates.

Want the Education but Not Interested in Certifying?

Excellent! You are welcome here! You will register the same as everyone else, participate the same as everyone else. As “testing” is the week following the course, you simply will decline a testing spot when that email is sent to you.


Always welcome. Please contact [email protected] directly with any and all questions, or on IG @philscarito @dv8fitness


#daretodv8 #dv8certified

See you this November!

DV8Fitness, Inc reserves the right to deny service at its own discretion.

No refunds.

(Also, please note that during registration you are intentionally not asked to select a gender, but when you request a shirt size, it will ask which “gender” shirt size you typically wear. This helps us to ensure we get you what you most prefer. We apologize for any disturbance in that and genuinely welcome suggestions on a better registration platform/method to do so.)

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Placemade, 78 Richmond St. East Unit 150, Toronto, Canada


USD 750.00 to USD 850.00

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