The Best of 3 [ II ] Full Moon Halloween Silent Disco Party ⋆ TOR

Sat Oct 28 2023 at 08:30 pm to 11:11 pm

♥ The Westin Harbour Castle, | Toronto

The Best of 3 [ II ] Full Moon Halloween Silent Disco Party \u22c6 TOR @westinharbourcastle x @actifysocial are joining forces this summer to bring communities together to enjoy some rooftop dance parties
About this Event

Get ready for an enchanting Halloween soirée! Experience a thrilling silent disco spectacle at the stunning Westin Harbour Castle, where your senses will come alive. Immerse yourself in a thoughtfully crafted collection of these artists' best tunes, with each melody holding the ability to whisk you away to new realms. Our event is designed for die-hard enthusiasts to groove and sing along to their favourite eras. With Actify's noise-isolating headphones elevating your adventure, let the rhythm steer your dance and forge connections with kindred spirits on a remarkable and mystical voyage that you'll always remember.

This is strictly a 19+ event! Valid photographic I.D. may be requested on entry.


  • Available on-site for purchase.


  • The earlier you buy, the less you pay. All tickets are general admission and allow access to beverages and food on-site.


  • Our experiences aim to create a safe and inclusive environment where individuals can feel comfortable being their authentic selves, without feeling judged or pressured to perform. The focus is on building a community where people can connect and support each other!


  • Government issued I.D in exchange for headset.


  • Best halloween costume and feel free to be silly.

♥ All above times may slightly vary. Arrive early to meet new and old friends

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Event Venue

♥ The Westin Harbour Castle,, at 1 Harbour Square,, Toronto, Canada


CAD 19.98 to CAD 33.98

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