The Art of Yoga & Self Mastery

Fri Sep 16 2022 at 06:00 pm to Sun Sep 18 2022 at 06:00 pm

Yoga Art Music (YAM Dallas) | Dallas

Jessica Jordan
Publisher/HostJessica Jordan
The Art of Yoga & Self Mastery Charles MacInerney offers a deep dive into the subtle realm of yoga, breath training, and meditation.
About this Event

Charles MacInerney – The Art of Yoga & Self Mastery

Charles MacInerney offers a deep dive into the subtle realm of yoga, breath training, and meditation.

We hope you’ll join us for a weekend with Charles MacInerney. Charles offers a deep dive into the intricacies and inner workings of our body, breath, and mind. His depth of knowledge will help refine your personal practice, and share these master teachings with your own students and clients.

Appropriate for all levels who seek the ‘what, why, and how’ of a complete practice, or anyone who wants to understand techniques to live with greater efficiency and ease.

Mental Health professionals and Massage Therapists can also benefit from a better understanding of how mind and breath affect each other, and how they can be shaped for greater calm and clarity.

You can try some of his online classes here.

About Charles:

Charles began his yoga practice at the age of 11 and was one of the first teachers to offer public classes and teacher trainings in the Southwest and holds the highest certifications under IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) and Yoga Alliance. He teaches at top conferences and his influence has helped thousands in North America, Mexico, and Europe.

Charles is a founder and leader in Austin’s yoga revolution, initiating the first Free Day of Yoga in 1998 which continues today in studios around the US. In 1999 he co-founded Texas Yoga Retreat, a premiere wellness destination for people traveling from all parts of the globe. In 2000 he co-founded the Living Yoga Program, certifying yoga teachers with the deep wisdom and knowledge that comes from lifelong study and practice.

Graduates of Charles’ programs teach in 44 states and 14 countries – sharing the detailed and intricate techniques as outlined in the ancient teachings through their own voice and practice experience.

$450 Early Bird Pricing lasts all summer - after August 1st your investment is $525.

“Because most of us suffer from numerous toxic goals, which are often unconscious, self-sabotaging, and give rise to feelings of boredom or anxiety. It is not enough to choose and pursue new and better goals. We must first identify and release attachment to the negative ones that undermine us.”

Agenda and CUEs

When: Friday September 16-Sunday September 18, 2022

Where: YAM

Investment: $450 for entire weekend early bird price by August 1. Full Rate $525


Friday: $108 (early bird pricing, $125 after 8/1)

Sat AM: $65 (early bird pricing, $80 after 8/1)

Sat PM: $175 (early bird pricing, $205 after 8/1)

Sunday: $175 (early bird pricing, $205 after 8/1)

CEU’s Available: 15 (Certificates will be provided at the end of the workshop)

CEU hours

Friday 6-9pm: 3

Saturday AM 7-9am: 2

Saturday PM 1pm - 6pm: 5

Sunday 1pm - 6pm: 5

Total CEUs: 15



6-9pm Yoga and the Evolution of Humanity

This workshop is an overview of the journey of consciousness from the first single cell to the emergence and evolution of human consciousness and beyond. It draws from Western psychology, including Maslow, Jung, and Ken Wilbur. It shows how the Caduceus (chakra model) provides a roadmap to help us navigate, and how the 8 limbs of yoga help us move up through this spiraling expansion of ‘self’.

50% discussion, 40% asana, 5% pranayama & 5% meditation.


7-9am Lucid Yoga

We will start with 1/2 hour warming up the body with sun-salutations and standing poses. Then we will slow the yoga down to the point that students feel the body pulling their attention deeper, ever deeper into a world of subtle sensations and pleasure. Learn how to use physical exercise and breath control to slow the mind down from beta frequencies (associated with muscle tension and worrying) down into Alpha and Theta frequencies (associated with physical relaxation, creativity, and a profound sense of wellbeing). Learn to practice Hatha Yoga as a form of meditation and experience the amazing stillness and timeless quality of mind that comes from Lucid Yoga.

5% discussion, 80% asana, 15% meditation.

followed by tacos with the teacher at Resident Taqueria (you buy your own tacos)

1-4 pm Part 1: The 4th Limb of Yoga: The Science of Breath/Art of Breath Control

Pranayama translates as ‘control of life force’. The primary mechanism for achieving this is through control of the breath. The first of these workshops covers the basics of breath control and the second workshop progresses to more advanced practices including some obscure and rare forms of pranayama.

The Science of Breath: This workshop will give you the opportunity to discover for yourself whether you have good breathing habits, and to improve your breathing and thus improve your overall physical, mental and emotional health. Learn specific breathing techniques that: reduce allergies; reduce risks of colds and flu; help control emotions; relax muscles; improve the health of the heart, lungs, & abdominal organs; purify the blood; rest the mind more effectively than sleep; expand lung capacity; balance energy flow throughout the body; and more.

The Art of Breath Control: This is a more advanced workshop on Pranayama. It is for students who have attended the Science of Breath or already have a basic understanding of the anatomy and mechanics of breath and have good diaphragmatic breathing habits established. In this workshop, we look at more advanced and exotic breathing patterns and exercises from the ancient yogic traditions.

40% discussion, 10% asana, 40% pranayama & 10% meditation.

4-6 pm Part 2: Yoga Asana and Pranayama for the Endocrine System

One of the things that distinguishes yoga from most Western exercise programs, is Yoga’s emphasis on the health of the endocrine system. In this workshop we will explore how our thinking, breathing, posture and asana practice can affect the endocrine system. We will touch lightly on the interaction of the nervous system and the endocrine system, with subtle energy.

10% discussion, 60% asana, 20% pranayama & 10% meditation.


1-3 pm Part 1: Fascia Informed Approach to Asana

Fascia is part of the connective tissue that holds the body together. Every muscle and organ are embedded in a fascial ’net’ that runs from your toes to the crown of your head. Many restrictions in movement have little to do with the muscles, and everything to do with fascial limitations. Fascia should be elastic, flexible and slippery, but as we age, fascia tends towards increasing dehydration. This results in the fascia becoming stiff and sticky. Eventually adhesions form between tissue layers and we lose our freedom of movement. This does not have to happen!

Fascia has long been considered as an almost inert tissue, like cellophane wrapping. Recent findings however, reveal that fascia should also be considered part of the endocrine system, and most strikingly, as part of the nervous system. It is the nerves embedded in the fascia that gives us our proprioception or sense of ourselves as physical beings. Recognition of fascia’s true significance and complexity is slowly spreading through the scientific and yoga communities.

This workshop will explore the latest scientific understanding of fascia, both anatomy and physiology, and how to adjust your yoga practice in order to keep your fascia happy and healthy. Above all, this practice will be playful, and accessible to all, including parents who might be sharing space with their kids, or those with little or no previous yoga experience.

We will learn and practice powerful, ‘fascially’ informed movements that will instantly improve your mood, energy, concentration, productivity and health, and can be practiced anytime, anywhere, and in less than 5 minutes. Time permitting, we will address best practices for each of the Ayurvedic Doshas for hydrating fascia.

45% discussion, 50% asana, 5% pranayama

3-4pm Deep Stretch using applied techniques with Tara Kristof

4-6 pm Part 2: Achieving More with Less

Nature abhors waste, especially wasted energy. In this workshop, we will learn to explore our poses, using less brute force, and more consciousness. In finding the most energy efficient approach to any yoga exercise, you will have to find and recruit just the right combination of muscles in just the right way. In doing so, we benefit from improved strength and stamina, healthier fascia, ligaments, tendons, and joints. With practice, we can learn how to engage the endocrine system, along with the autonomic nervous system in our asana practice with amazing results for body, mind and spirit.

40% discussion, 40% asana, 10% pranayama & 10% meditation.

Event Venue

Yoga Art Music (YAM Dallas), 9850 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, United States


USD 525.00

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