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Sat Aug 17 2024 at 05:15 pm to 09:30 pm UTC+05:30

T.S.G. Emerald View, Phoneix Bay | Port Blair

TEDx PortBlair
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TEDx Port Blair

TEDxPortBlair brings to you another session of dynamic speeches. Welcome to TEDx 2.0

TEDx Introduction 

Primitive is a term that denotes to the early stage of life. In that case, anything as such, that hails from, has connection or excavated dating from the early stage of life is primitive. Once a lifestyle now turned fossil - helps us learn where human kind has ever started from. Our primitive is our roots that we should route towards!

Our routes are intricately intertwined with our roots, forming a narrative that links our past, present, and future. Just as a tree's roots provide stability and nourishment, our cultural, familial, and personal foundations shape the paths we take in life. Exploring our roots can offer insights into our values, traditions, and identity, influencing the choices we make on the journey of our lives. Understanding this connection allows us to appreciate the significance of our origins as we navigate the diverse routes that shape our individual and collective stories.

Exploring our routes to the roots involves delving into the interconnected web of life on Earth. By studying our ecological, evolutionary, and cultural histories, we gain profound insights into the diversity of living beings. Understanding these connections allows us to appreciate the intricate relationships between species, ecosystems, and human societies. It opens avenues for ecological conservation, biodiversity preservation, and sustainable living practices. In essence, our routes to the roots provide a valuable roadmap for learning more about the complex and interconnected tapestry of life that sustains our planet.

Additionally, knowledge of our roots promotes cultural appreciation, tolerance, and a broader perspective on the world. By recognizing where we come from, we gain a solid foundation for personal growth, informed decision-making, and contributing positively to the interconnected global community.

Join us for a evening full.of vibrant speakers taking you on a journey to learn from our primitives better.

Event Venue

T.S.G. Emerald View, Phoneix Bay, Phoneix Bay, Port Blair, India


INR 500.00

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