Taiwan Film Festival of Boston 2023

Sat Sep 23 2023 at 09:00 am to Sun Sep 24 2023 at 05:00 pm

AMC Loews Boston Common 19 | Boston

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Publisher/HostTaiwan Film Festival of Boston 波士頓台灣影展
Taiwan Film Festival of Boston 2023 Two-Day Film Festival Description:
The Fall Film Festival consists of two days of events, including six feature-length film screenings (for both short and long films of an equivalent length of time), post-screening discussion forums, and the evening Gala Reception.
This year marks the fifth anniversary of TFFB. We hope to once again bring the creative teams behind our selected films from Taiwan – including directors, producers, and/or actors – face-to-face with our audience members in Boston. We also hope to create a space for free and respectful exchange around timely issues of identity, culture, diversity, and equality – topics that exemplify the values of contemporary Taiwanese society, and that will foster greater learning and support for Taiwan among North American audiences.
Each forum is also facilitated by moderators with expertise in the relevant topics, to help guide the audience in exploring the film’s themes. The theme of this year is “Faces of Life.”
The lives of many are like grains of sand in the great galaxy of humanity; yet even the smallest of roles have life stories that can profoundly move us. Our theme “Faces of Life” refers both to the subjective experiences of many individual lives, and to the many facets of life and humanity as a whole. As well, “Faces” indicates examining life dimensionally from different perspectives, while the homonym “Phases” indicates moving through life temporally as a transformative journey.
We would like to invite you to explore the different “faces” and “phases of life” through this year’s selection of outstanding Taiwanese films
Two-day passes are valid from the time you check-in to the end of our two-day event (9/23-9/24 both days). One-day passes are valid from the time you check in and for a single day’s event ( either 9/23 or 9/24). Single-movie tickets are for one-time admission to a single movie of your choice. All tickets can attend both the movie screening and forums (if applicable) during their valid periods. Tax and processing fees are NOT included in the ticket price.
Reception evening ticket is valid for a single event on 9/23 at the Hyatt Regency Boston 4th floor Grand Ballroom (Address: one avenue de Lafayette, Boston, MA 02111). Dress code: business smart. There will be dinner (reception style), networking, entertainment, auctions, and special activities to celebrate our 5th anniversary of TFFB. And there will be opportunities to meet the directors from Taiwan.

「秋季影展」包括兩天的電影放映 (播放六部的電影,包含長片與短片)、電影論壇,
每一場導演座談會,協會也根據不同主題量身訂做所屬專業領域的主持人 (moderators),希望能夠帶領觀眾更深入的探討各個議題。今年影展的主題是【臉譜】:
微塵眾生如同星辰細沙,即便是最微小的角色,都能透過動人的生命故事深深打動觀者的心。【臉譜】可以是單一個體所呈現的喜怒哀樂;【臉譜】也可以是共同敘述所形成的集體生命樣貌。【臉】Faces,呈現二度空間「面」的空間符號,意旨看待事物的不同面向;Phases 與Faces發音相同,從【臉譜】也可以看見各個生命蛻變的歷程【Phases of Life】。【臉譜】也是一份邀請,邀請您和我們一起透過一部部優秀的台灣電影作品,以不同的面相【Faces】來探討並欣賞不同的生命階段【Phases of Life】。
二日卷有效日期始於觀眾報到至影展雙日活動結束。單日卷效日期始於觀眾報到至報到同日結束,觀眾可以選擇任一日 (9/23 或者9/24) 。單片卷可以觀賞在影展期間任一部電影,以一部電影為限.以上票券都可以觀賞電影與參與映後論壇 (不是每一場電影都有映後論壇)。消費稅與手續費不包含於票價。
9/23 影展五週年晚宴票券有效於單場活動。地點在波士頓凱悅酒店四樓宴會廳。請穿著正式服裝。晚宴會有精緻的點心、飲料、音樂表演、拍賣活動及特別節目,也可以有機會跟來自台灣的知名導演有近距離的交流
List of films (片單):
“一家子兒咕咕叫 Coo Coo 043”
金馬獎第59屆最佳劇情片- 導演詹京霖特色的運鏡和配樂,描繪了一個分裂的家庭因一隻迷途返家賽鴿而起的魔幻寫實故事。
“Coo Coo 043” depicts a magical-realistic story about the family rise of gambling racing pigeons in Taiwan.
“本日公休 Day Off”
Hanging the sign "Day Off" , A-Rui sets off for a haircut... Inspired by the true story in Taichung, Taiwan.
“廢棄之城 City of Lost Things”
Winner of the Best Animated Feature at the 57th Golden Horse Awards, the film portrays young kid escaping reality to find his owned values in “Abandoned City.”
“逃跑的人 The Lucky Woman”
The documentary film "The Lucky Woman" presents the life situations of Vietnamese migrant workers Fan Caoyun and Chen Weixing through their personal testimonies in Taiwan,
“講話沒有在聽 Can you hear me?”
Winner of the Best Short Film (Drama) at the 59th Golden Horse Awards,In the absurd story of the dead father and the family members each speak their minds, while the ghost of father (Ah Zhong) continues to chatter beside his own corpse, leading to a series of bizarre incidents….
“藍色大門 Blue Gate Crossing
A Taiwanese teenager believes she may be a lesbian after she starts to develop feelings for her female best friend.

Event Venue

AMC Loews Boston Common 19, ,Boston,MA,United States


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