Sunday Meditation @ TINT Gallery

Sun Jul 10 2022 at 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

The TINT Gallery | San Francisco

WITHIN Meditation
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Sunday Meditation @ TINT Gallery
Relax with guided meditation, meet new friends, and talk over life's big questions in SF's beautiful TINT Gallery.
About this Event

Join us for a little boost of mindfulness and connection to start your week!

Join WITHIN Meditation for Sunday Meditation @ – a soul-nourishing event that includes guided meditation, lively discussion, and time to connect.  Dip your toes into mindfulness for the first time or deepen your practice with us.

Designed for beginner and intermediate students, this class includes a relaxing 30-minute guided meditation, inspiring conversation with other participants, and time for Q&A. As the teacher leads you in meditation, she'll offer guidance on specific techniques and concepts to build your meditation practice. Then, she'll invite you to reflect on that week's theme, connecting one-on-one with other participants as well as with the larger group. You'll plant seeds of inspiration for bringing more mindfulness into your life - and you just might walk away with a new friend or two to boot!

This class is happening every other week on Sundays at 12pm in the beautiful TINT Gallery. It's hosted by WITHIN Meditation teachers Ciara McCormack, Shundo David Haye and Koren Kiener who will be leading sessions on these dates:

  • June 12 - Shundo
  • July 10 - Ciara
  • Aug 7 - Koren
  • Aug 21 - Koren

Click the big orange button at the top of this page to choose the class you want to attend first!

What to Wear and What to Bring

We'll have meditation cushions and chairs to sit on - but feel free to bring a yoga mat or a blanket if you'd like extra support. Wear clothes you feel comfortable sitting in (leave the tight jeans at home!).

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Ciara McCormack is a Holistic Business + Mindset Coach, as well as a Yoga, Meditation, and EFT Tapping teacher. Her mindfulness and meditation journey started in 2012 and has evolved into her life's purpose over the years. Although she had much resistance to the practice at first, meditation has taught Ciara how to slow down, be more connected with herself, and feel more at peace when navigating the everyday pressures life can bring. Now, her daily meditation practice is a non-negotiable and a tool that she teaches others to become high-performers.

As an entrepreneur and business-minded individual, Ciara's style of teaching is focused on empowerment, abundance mindset, and clearing the subconscious to visualize a life that you are excited to live. 

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Shundo David Haye is an ordained Zen priest. He came from England in 2000 to live at the San Francisco Zen Center, and spent fifteen years in residential training, including five years of monastic practice at Tassajara. He helped found and run the successful Young Urban Zen practice group at the Zen Center.

Although he loves the robes and the formal rituals, he is interested in reaching people who will never set foot inside a Zen temple. He has taught at tech companies, schools and colleges, yoga studios, retreat centers, and the county J*il. He loves being outside, especially on a bike, and leads regular mindful hikes around San Francisco, as well as a weekly outdoor meditation.

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Koren Kiener is a San Francisco-based yoga and meditation instructor, as well as a graphic designer. Having worked as a creative for large tech companies, she has experienced first-hand the demanding rhythms that many professionals deem as the norm. In an effort to help others slow down and pause in the midst of our fast-paced culture, she is enthusiastic to share the transformative gift of meditation.

Koren’s first exposure to meditation began in 2015 under the training of Jill Satterfield. Within a 200-hour Embodied Mind training, she witnessed the evident and positive shifts in her physical energy, mental clarity and the emotional benefits. Primarily trained in the Vipassana tradition, she discovered the power of remaining present and welcoming all of life’s ups, downs and in-betweens.

Throughout her journey, Koren has continued her learning and used her existing knowledge to share with others, whether through her meditation-infused yoga classes, mindfulness-based workshops, or semi-silent yoga and meditation retreats. During a trip to Nepal, she further received guidance under Dr. Chintamani Yogi and was deeply impacted by the mindful ways of the culture. Koren is also a blogging contributor for The Purposeful Living Healing Center, a Mindfulness-based community.

As her practice has developed, she has found it to be greatly influential in achieving more internal balance and personal contentment. In the hopes to give back what she has already received, Koren encourages students to honor the present moment and remain connected and curious about their introspective experiences. She guides from a place to serve practitioners in a modern world, and interweaves guidance that is relevant to peoples’ daily needs. Koren believes that meditation can be an instrument for everyone to attain greater creativity, peace, clarity and overall happiness for our wellbeing.

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About TINT Gallery

TINT showcases contemporary artists who innovate across media, spotlighting women artists in particular. We carefully curate selections of works to showcase the artists' technical skills as well as their ability to communicate something immediate to the viewer.

We’re a new kind of gallery: there’s no intimidation, prices are always listed, and the process of acquiring art is made transparent and accessible. We’ve even created a seating area so you can linger and take in the art. Our goal is to connect to the local community, to provide a space for meaningful conversations, and to bring a feeling of warmth and welcome to an art gallery.

We love supporting art in all its forms and are excited to share the best of our local finds with you. To find more information on Tint, visit

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About WITHIN Meditation

WITHIN was founded in 2017 as San Francisco's first drop-in meditation studio. Now, we hold live guided meditation classes online 7 days a week through Whether you join us online or in person at special pop-up classes like this one, you'll find a community of students and teachers who'll support you, wherever you are on your journey. We also bring meditation to companies across the United States. To find more information on WITHIN, visit


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The TINT Gallery, 149 Gough Street, San Francisco, United States


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