Storm in a Teacup Theatre Performance (St Mary's Woolton)

Mon Sep 25 2023 at 06:30 pm to 07:40 pm

St Mary's Church, Woolton | Liverpool

Free Monkey Mind
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Storm in a Teacup Theatre Performance (St Mary's Woolton)
Storm in a Teacup is a life affirming musical comedy that tells the story of the O'Brien's -looking back on their childhoods in the 70's.
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Storm in a Teacup

All families are strange! The O’Brien siblings haven’t spoken in years. But when big sis, Angie dies, Tony & Bev have to sort through the family stuff. Remembering the 70’s when they were close brings Angie back. With the help of The Bee Gees, Bowie, and Benny Hill, tears turn to laughter...and Pan’s People dancing. Can looking back help us to heal and go forward? Or are we destined to repeat old, family habits?

Inspired by stories of families within our community ‘Storm In a Teacup’ looks at the petty squabbles that cause major problems in families. Grudges can go on and on. Angie O’Brien never forgave little sister Bev for not admiring her new kitchen in 2013. Bev hasn’t spoken to brother Tony since he got drunk at her daughter’s wedding. And Tony has been miffed at the pair of them for as long as he can remember. No-one knows why. What happens if it’s too late to make-up? When Angie dies Tony & Bev have to man up. Neither are prepared.

Meeting for the first time in years is tense and awkward. They fall into old patterns, arguing, blaming. But sifting through old photos leads them back to a time when they were growing up. Rising fuel prices, blackouts, strikes…not much different than today. But back then they were close. And there was fun! Music, bunking into festivals, covering for each other when they were sneaking out at night. No-one could come between them, they were the O’Brien’s. Remembering makes Ange live again. And reminds us that it’s never too late to look for the place where quietly forgotten love is waiting.


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St Mary's Church, Woolton, Church Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom


GBP 5.00

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