Stories of Masks — Pleun van Vliet & Sem ten Haaf, Milda Varnauskaitė, Sia Cyrroes

Sat Nov 06 2021 at 02:30 pm to 03:30 pm

Podium Mozaiek | Amsterdam

Storytelling Festival Amsterdam
Publisher/HostStorytelling Festival Amsterdam
Stories of Masks \u2014 Pleun van Vliet & Sem ten Haaf, Milda Varnauskait\u0117, Sia Cyrroes Three independent performances, each investigating this year’s theme of the festival: masks. From the story of Procrustes and the strive for perfection, to the stories of trauma and searching for the roots of sexual attraction… What is left once all the masks come off?

ONESIZE – The story of Procrustes (Pleun van Vliet & Sem ten Haaf)
“Everything that does not fit me perfectly, hurts the person I think I am”
ONESIZE tells five different interpretations of the legend of Procrustes, the cruel innkeeper of Korydallos. Procrustes invited passer-bys into his tavern and put them to rest in his iron bed. If the guests were too tall for the bed, Procrustes cut off a part of their limbs. Were the guests too short, Procrustes would stretch them until they fit.
The legend of Procrustes points us to the catastrophic consequences of the way we violently subject the world, other people, and ourselves to random, yet ironclad ideals of perfection on a daily basis.
What is the essence of true equality? Does noble progress always demand victims? Is violence a necessary ingredient for a recognizable identity? Or is violence the mask that hides our true nature?
This performance will be accompanied by live soundscaping.

The Trigger (Milda Varnauskaite)
Trauma survivors work hard to ensure that the legacy of trauma caused by domestic abuse perpetrators is hidden or invisible in their daily life. Mia, the heroine of the story, wears the mask to disguise pain, sadness, and turmoil when in the company of others. One day she gets triggered and sets out on a journey of revenge.

Ocean (Sia Cyrroes)
In a world where you are taught that you are either gay, straight, bi, whatever you are… Sia learns about his sexual preferences. He falls in love with a woman who has a different world of sex. Then he has to ask himself: what is attraction?

Pleun van Vliet is a Dutch psychologist-turned-storyteller who loves to bring typical background characters and other ‘odd ones out’ to the center stage. In retelling the stories you know from an outsider perspective you had never imagined, she invites you to find a place in your heart for all those who are other’.
Sem ten Haaf is always on the lookout for fresh insights and an opportunity to play. As a Dutch theater-maker, storyteller and sound designer with a passion for adventurous and heroic stories, he loves to cross disciplinary boundaries.
Milda Varnauskaitė is a Lithuanian storyteller and storytelling coach based in Amsterdam. Her style fuses stories from the Baltic region with life experiences and insights, often through the lens of comedy. She performs regularly across the Netherlands and Lithuania, some key events were at The Oerol Festival of Terschelling, Amsterdam International Storytelling Festival, Amsterdam Roots Festival, Explore the North festival in Leeuwarden, Frascati and Podium Mozaiek theatres in Amsterdam. A proud graduate of Oslo Metropolitan University (“Oral Storytelling as Artistic Research” MA course) and Mezrab Storytelling School, Milda also teaches storytelling at Vilnius University, and is the founder of the Baltic Storytelling Centre.
Sia Cyrroes is an actor that appeared in several tv-shows and movies. He studies theater in Amsterdam, and now, since he is in his final year of studying, he has more time for his passion — storytelling. Last year he made a storytelling show together with Selin Akkulak directed by Raphael Rodan, called Salt & Fire.

ONESIZE – The story of Procrustes:
Concept, text & performance: Pleun van Vliet
Live soundscape: Sem ten Haaf
Advice & direction: Niels Vermeulen
Many thanks to: Barbara, Caroline, Harrie, Jochem, Kris Anne, Mimi, Richard

Duration: 60 min
Language: English
Price: 12.50

Event Venue

Podium Mozaiek, Bos en Lommerweg 191, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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