Spring Equinox Sound & Gong Bath

Tue Mar 19 2024 at 06:30 pm to 09:00 pm

The Sanctuary | Vancouver

Spring Equinox Sound & Gong Bath
Wash away built up stress, rejuvenate your body, heart, and mind.
About this Event

Facilitated by Aga Somaheart (www.thesomaheart.com)

Enjoy 75 minutes of sound healing to clear stagnation and stress, reset + realign, and rejuvenate your Spirit.
The Spring Equinox, a moment of potent cosmic energy, ushers in a season of renewal and balance. The potent energies of the Equinox resonate with the promise of growth and transformation. The Spring Equinox becomes a powerful juncture for introspection, renewal, and aligning oneself with the dynamic currents of the natural world.

You’ll journey to a full spectrum of sound; drums to rattles, chimes and crystal bowls, 32inch gong, crystal lyre, steel tongue drum, (+more).

The sound of the hoop drum and rattle connects us to our primal nature, induces theta brain states to help us access a deep meditative state.

The crystal bowls take you into a deeper receiving mode, helping you let go of the worries of the past, and open you up to vibrational upgrades of love and prosperity.

The gong is attuned to the vibration of Chiron, "the wounded healer", massaging every single cell in your body with a vibration that invokes self acceptance to help you transmute your deepest pains into your greatest gifts.

The spirit of the medicine songs will sing to your Soul, calling you back home into your heart so that you may move forward connected to your true nature and embodying your divine essence.

Sound Bath benefits can include:

• Clear stagnant old energy energy that creates lethargy

• Strengthen your immune system

• Regulate your nervous system to enter a state of deep rejuvenating relaxation

• Calms your body and mind

• Lowers stress and anxiety

• Expands your awareness

• Promotes emotional balance, improves mood and well-being

• Improves sleep

• Increased focus and clarity

• Lowers blood pressure


• You DON'T need to bring anything to lay on. Thick foam mats, blankets, and pillows are provided.

• Eye covering (optional)

• Wear comfy clothing

• Water bottle

• Journal and pen (optional)

About the Venue:

Please note: this is a home based practice space. This means, that you can expect to arrive at a private residence for your sound ceremony. On your way in you may expect to hear and see typical home related experiences.

The ceremony space is designed for sacred ceremony and sound experiences. The unique sound proofing has created a multidimensional portal to enhance your experience, it's unlike any other.

*M icrodose Friendly

This is a microdose friendly zone. If you wish to microdose before hand for an enhanced meditative experience, you are welcome to do so. Medicine is not provided.

Space is limited to 12 people, so this will be an intimate intentional gathering.

Email: [email protected] with questions.

Hope to see you there.




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The Sanctuary, 4628 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, Canada


CAD 45.00

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