Spiritual Gathering, Movie Night, Satsangam & Initiation

Fri Jan 05 2024 at 02:00 pm to Sun Jan 07 2024 at 02:00 pm

Sanmarga Yoga Austria | Steyr

Sanmarga Sathya Sangam Europe
Publisher/HostSanmarga Sathya Sangam Europe
Spiritual Gathering, Movie Night, Satsangam & Initiation After successfully hosted a first event, this will be the second event which will take place!!
✨ Do you see the picture of this event and have strong feeling? or connection? or basic Spiritual understanding?
✨ Do you searching an answer for all your sufferings but wasn't find yet?
✨ Do you feel sorry for all beings harmed? and killed? or eaten as food?
✨ Are you a vegan or vegetarian not just to show the world proudly like style but feeling truly from heart and became vegan or vegetarian? or at least want to change to be vegan or vegetarian hereafter?
✨ Are you an alcohol free, non addicted person? or want to change to become non-alcoholic person.
✨ Are you a person who don't take drugs/smoke in any form?
✨ Then you are in this very right event. In this event you will understand many things which was not explained to you before.
✨ It won't be like any other gathering rather it will talk soul-to-soul. It will touches your heart, it will open-up something it was never open up. So many puzzles will gather together. So many things will be visible one by one.
✨ Just be curios and come!!
✨ But most importantly prerequisite conditions such as No meat eating, No alcohol & No drugs in any form must be met to attend this event. If not at least ready to let go off this hereafter from this event starts.
✨ If you are ready, the Spiritual doors will be open to see what you wasn't see!!
✨ We will chant together, "Arutperunjothi Maha Mantra" and get to know the power behind this Mantra!!
✨ Also pls come with your partner if you are in relationship. If you are a single then there is no problem, you can come as you are. Because then you both can grow together spiritually.
✨ A✨ sk it will be given!
✨ S✨ eek you will find!
✨ K✨ nock it will open!
✨ Registration:
Send e-mail to [email protected]
What'sapp or Phone: 06503350578
Entry fee: Donation based & Trust based event for electricity and preparations for this event.
It will be great if you can wear white dress(optional).
JAN 5,2024 - 02:00 PM to 6:00 PM - Spiritual Gathering & Movie Night
JAN 6,2024 - 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Satsangam & Movie Night
JAN 7,2024 - 06:00 AM to 2:00 PM - Initiation & Practices
✨ Over night stay: Available based on earlier request (Limited) per day costs €10 per person.
✨ Vegan Meals: ?
€5 per person pro portion
✨ Place: ? Schloss Weißenberg, Weißenberg 1, Neuhofen an der Krems, Upper Austria
Train station Name: Nöstlbach-St.Marien Bahnhof
From Linz Hbf, there will be a train(S4) and journey duration is 20 mins.
Communication language: English.
German Translation help available.
✨ For more details, contact Host Alagu, 06503350578
✨Arutperunjothi Arutperunjothi
Thaniperungarunai Arutperunjothi ✨
See you all nice souls ?✨?❤️

Event Venue

Sanmarga Yoga Austria, Weißenberg 1, 4053 Neuhofen an der Krems, Österreich,Neuhofen An Der Krems, Oberosterreich, Austria, Steyr

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