SOUND NIDRA IMMERSION | with Cristina, Dana & Frank

Sun Oct 17 2021 at 10:00 am to 05:00 pm

De Meditatietuin | Amsterdam

De Meditatietuin
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SOUND NIDRA IMMERSION | with Cristina, Dana & Frank Dive with us for this one day retreat in the world of Rest and Sound. Let the Mantra’s and Singing Bowls hold you while practicing restorative yoga and Nidra.
Observe the impact onto your body, mind and soul.
Experience how effective it can be to bring you to wholeness and bliss.
We will take you to deeper knowledge about:
- sound and it’s healing power through frequencies and vibration.
- mantra’s and singing bowls
- yoga nidra and restorative yoga.
While we explain you in easy understandable way the theory we will offer sessions with yoga to rest and restore your system in combination with singing bowls and/or mantra’s
Dana Devi and/or Frank Klank will guide the shavasanas.

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleep. The Nidra practice can be used to simply help remove tensions and relax a busy mind, or it can be used to delve deeper and observe our greatest resistances, needs and purposes; a practice where we can access our subconscious or unconscious mind with open awareness and plant seeds that can have a positive bearing on our everyday personal lives. With this Nidra practice can alter actions, behaviors, personalities and perceptions. It can heal emotional traumas and reduce psychological limitations.
Restorative is the art of learning how to release the body and mind, from the skin all the way into the depth of the connective tissues and bones. We can often stay supported in a posture for over 10 minutes, and that is where restorative works, into the depth of the body, beyond time and in a place where less is more.
When our physical or energy-centers and channels are out of harmony our vital force is unable to freely circulate, resulting in distress, disease, or a lack of mind and body integrity. Humans have a tendency to accumulate tension due to physical and emotional stress, exhaustion, and other factors. Restorative yoga invites us to relax, re-establish and renew integrity in all of our layers.

Mantra’s and sound vibrations are so powerful and can bring us deeper into meditation and into silence. Mantra’s are sacred sounds, phrases or words that are being repeated over and over again to calm the mind and aid meditation. Mantra’s and sound vibration have the power to affect our minds, our state of being and can affect every cell in our bodies.
Singing bowls have a special effect. Listening to the sound of the singing bowls, sounds full of overtones are created. These sounds not only consist of audible sound, but also of palpable fine sound vibrations>
These vibrationst can resonate deeply through all skin layers.
It is literally and figuratively a soft touch with sound.
From the inside and the outside. Mental and physical.
Cristina Guerra
Cristina is born in Portugal on a sunny afternoon of July 1983.
She began her Yoga journey as a way to release the stress and tensions of her work: a heavy work-load in Art Conservation field. Soon Yoga became a way of life and has brought her closer to her true self and realization.
After an intense 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training her life changed. Since 2014, she hosts classes and workshops in yoga and meditation all over the world.
“My belief is that through the coordination of the movement and stillness with the breath we can achieve a growing awareness of our limitations and a path for overcoming these tendencies and resistances toward the spiritual. Alternative therapies help me to better understand the subtle and energetic balance while anatomy studies allow to find the physical balance”
She has undertaken more training to deepen her knowledge in white tantric Meditation, Krya Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra became crucial for her personal development and finding her path.
She is teaching Yoga Nidra & Restorative Teacher Training as well as classes of Hatha Vinyasa, Restorative, Meditation, Nidra.
Dana Devi
Dana is a singer, yoga teacher and musician.
She grew up in a yoga ashram and was surrounded by mantras and Indian music from an early age. This was the beginning of her journey in devotional music.
Over the years music has become her meditation and she has written soothing melodies and songs that comfort the heart and calm the mind.Her first album “Doorway to Silence” is an ode to silence, to the divine that shines in every soul and is filled with the soft power of vulnerability.
Frank Klank
Frank Mannens (better known as Frank Klank) started playing the singing bowls years ago. It has become his passion.
His singing bowls events are a journey inside, with respect for what is happening in everyone's body.
That is why silence is also an important part of a singing bowl event.
On his CD "Sound and Silence" there are 2 meditations which make clear what sound and silence mean to Frank:
‘Sound cannot exist without silence, silence cannot exist without sound’

Playing the singing bowls is something he learned himself, trusting his intuition and knowing that every sound has a purpose.
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Lunch: a delicious lunch by Sat Nam Chefs is included!
€111,- (incl. lunch)

Refunds are only possible when the event will be postponed/canceled or when your participation is not possible due to symptoms related to COVID-19.
Due to COVID-19 we take extra safety requirements:
- the number of participants is limited
- the 1,5 meter distance between participants should be respected at all times
- Please disinfect or wash your hands with soap at arrival.
- Please inform us if you have any symptoms such as a cold or fever before the gathering will take place. In case of complaints, please stay at home. Your can either use your ticket for the next gathering if possible or your ticket will be refunded.
For questions, feel free to send us a message.

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