Sound Bath w/ Deb C. Mar 24 2024

Sun Mar 24 2024 at 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm UTC-08:00

Zata Soul Healing | Seattle

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Sound Bath w\/ Deb C. Mar 24 2024

Take some time to reconnect to yourself and the natural rhythms of the earth with this deeply relaxing sound bath meditation. We'll begin with targeted techniques to calm the physiological stress response and soothe the mind. Next simply let your body and brain be "bathed" (fully clothed) in the smooth undulating waves of sound played live using crystal singing bowls.

Limited yoga mats blocks bolsters and yoga blankets are available; please consider bringing your own if possible. Eye pillows are available for all participants if desired. Warm socks cozy layers and a water bottle are recommended.

The studio will open to attendees at 7pm session from 7:15-8:30pm. Doors will lock at 7:15pm no late arrivals admitted. Please allow time to set up your mat and props before the session begins.

Tickets $35 includes voucher for a free yoga class or sound bath at Zata Soul Healing Studio (limited time promotion 1 free class per person).

Space is limited get your tickets early. Free parking onsite and multiple bus stops nearby.

This is an intimate studio perfect for a serene and cozy experience. Come support a local small business and women who promote wellness in our community!

Instructor bio: Deborah combines her professional backgrounds in health and the arts to teach classes featuring movement sound and dance as tools for wellness. As a board certified Chinese medicine practitioner she believes there is great power in connecting each person back to themselves and to the natural rhythms of the earth.

Sound Bath FAQs

What if I'm not good at meditating or am new to sound baths?

It’s all good! Sound baths require no previous experience and are a great learning tool for calming the racing thoughts in your mind and encouraging your body to relax on command. Sometimes it's hard to control the mind with the mind which is why the physical sensory stimuli of a sound bath can be helpful in reaching a relaxed state. I believe we’re trained all through life to spring into action and be active on command but we don’t practice enough conscious and intentional relaxation. Sound baths are a perfect way to make relaxation a regular part of your wellness routine.

What are the benefits of a sound bath?

Some of the most commonly reported benefits are reduced stress and anxiety leading to deep relaxation. This can happen on the physiological level like lowering high blood pressure and slowing fast heart rate as well as mentally and emotionally like feeling centered and calm. Some people find it spiritually enriching and the experience is not bound to any specific philosophy or dogma. Some people report that even just 20 min of a sound bath feels as restful and restorative as several hours of quality sleep.

Will your sound bath be like other sound baths I've been to?

There is no universal standard for sound baths and each sound bath facilitator has their own way of conducting sessions. While the specific proceedings and instruments may differ a common general intention is to establish a supportive container in which participants can deeply relax. Participants are invited to attend with open minds and open hearts for the best experience.

Event Venue

Zata Soul Healing, 2821 NW Market St Unit H, Seattle, WA 98107, United States


USD 35.00

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