Soul Connect Breathwork Circle AMSTERDAM

Sun Dec 11 2022 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Studio da Vasco | Amsterdam

Infinite Breathwork
Publisher/HostInfinite Breathwork
Soul Connect Breathwork Circle AMSTERDAM
Restore harmony and balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit using this clinical breathwork technique and power of collective release
About this Event

Every breath we take impacts our bodily systems, the way we live and is a gateway into our subconscious mind. With over 26 000 breaths a day, how do you use yours?

Soul Connect is a 2- hour breathwork experience to psychologically nourish yourself and invite deeper soul connection.

Conscious connected breathing gives the body an environment to access its own natural innate healing abilities. Be empowered to utilise the healing potential of non ordinary states of consciousness in a safe and held container.

Breathwork invites the exploration, expression and integration of:

* Releasing suppressed emotions/trauma

* Identifying old patterns that do not serve you

* Teaching the nervous system to self regulate

* Reduced anxiety and stress

* Accessing higher self wisdom/clarity/direction/creativity and intuition

* Deepening feelings of calm, grounding and presence

* Elevated spiritual connection

* Increased breath awareness for daily life

* Emotional stability and resilience

* Inner liberation to experience positive emotions: joy, love, heart opening, gratitude, self compassion

When we learn to repattern our breath into fuller, deeper, wider inhales and more relaxed exhales we can change our health through the subconscious breathing pattern, achieving optimal functioning.

Experience deep clarity, focus and connection. Let go of old patterns and invite in freedom.

I invite you to be courageous for this opportunity to release unprocessed emotions and suppressed reflexes.

With a background of disability caring, trauma informed practices and yoga I nurture your journey the whole way using scientific and intuitive techniques such as types of bodywork to help release bio-energetic and emotional blocks, nerve flossing, verbal cues and affirmations and evocative music.

I have breathed over 250 people the last year, having recently returned from Bali after getting extra training and mentoring by Breathwork Bali, I am constantly humbled by the impact this practice has on lives. I am passionate about more people experiencing the powerful possibilities through breath. For this event I will be supported by another facilitator to ensure the container is well held and you feel the utmost support through the journey. (Please note this event will be in English but using my TEFL Skills I have successfully facilitated circles without fluent english and will not be a problem)

The intention of this session is to provide you with resources for you to bring yourself back into your body to be ‘whole’.

****Limited tickets for intimate circle setting ********

This event will Include:

  • CONNECTION ACTIVITIES to drop into heart space and bring the nervous system into the surroundings
  • CONSCIOUS SOMATIC RELEASE MOVEMENT. Warming up the body through light expression. Teaching the ego to release self judgement and invite compassion
  • SHARE circle and intention setting
  • 1 hour breathing - journey exploration
  • GRATITUDE practice and self care accountability

For suitability questions or any other info contact Annie at Infinity Breathwork 0492921829 or email: [email protected]


•Refrain from caffeine on the day of workshop and eating 4 hours before.

•Eat a light lunch/dinner

•Wear comfy clothes

•Bring (optional): water bottle, yoga mat, blankets and cushions for comfort and eye mask

** STRICT CANCELLATION/ NO REFUND POLICY WITHIN 72HRS OF THE EVENT ** Tickets may be transferred to someone else but this is up to the ticket holder to organise.

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is suitable for all levels/ages and experiences...

However, this style of Breathwork is not recommended if you are/have:

• Pregnant

• Cardiovascular Disease, including

Angina or Heart Attack/Heart Disease/Blood Clotting

• High Blood Pressure

• Glaucoma

• Detached Retina

• Kidney Disease

• Diabetes

• Severe Asthma

• Uncontrolled Thyroid Conditions

• Osteoporosis

• Significant recent physical injuries, and/or recently undergone surgery

• Severe mental illness, including Bipolar Disorder or Psychosis,

• Seizure Disorders

• Using anti-depressant or anti-anxiety Medic*tion

• under the age of 18

If you have had COVID or have recently received COVID vaccine and have had a reaction to it please contact me to discuss further

If in doubt, please consult with your physician prior to purchasing a ticket


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Studio da Vasco, 10 Vasco Da Gamastraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands


EUR 40.00

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