Somatic Mindfulness Workshop (ENG)

Tue May 28 2024 at 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm UTC+02:00

Fényes Adolf u. 6 | Budapest

Gulbert Lili
Publisher/HostGulbert Lili
Somatic Mindfulness Workshop (ENG)
Mastering somatic mindfulness is a life-changing practice for cultivating more focus, presence, and peace in day-to-day life.
About this Event

In this mindfulness-based, activating mental health workshop, you can experience how practicing body-oriented presence can help you make more conscious decisions and changes. Somatic mindfulness goes beyond simply being aware or present; it involves awakening from the "autopilot" mode of living and becoming more sensitive and conscious of the opportunities inherent in our daily experiences. Transitioning from automatic to receptive functioning makes us more present and deeply connected.

Through somatic mindfulness work, we develop learnable skills that can contribute to our well-being:





By developing these skills, we are better equipped to weather life's storms and experience moments of calm and joy more frequently and intensely in our daily lives.

In the practice space of the session, you can develop your body-focused presence-strengthening exercise, which, when practiced at home, can alleviate your anxiety, open your heart to the possibilities in your days, consciously focus your attention, and energetically pursue them, thus improving your own life and the lives of others, or generally your world.

By practicing body-focused presence, you can consciously build change in your life.

I warmly recommend this session to those:

- who wake up with anxiety in the mornings,

- who experience the emptiness of aimlessness,

- who are working on renewing their lives,

- and who feel there is much more within them.

"Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, improve self-regulation, focus, and concentration; it helps tolerate our emotions and think more clearly; it makes us more balanced, and improves our relationship skills. Thus, mindfulness practice can be beneficial for almost everyone." - Pat Ogden

The thematic session space is available to you monthly to share your experiences and further develop your somatic resources toolkit with my guidance, which can help you deal with your current challenges with conscious presence.

Feedback from participants about the session:

What did the session give you? What will you take with you?

"It gave me affirmation. After years of therapy, today, I feel reinforced that I'm fundamentally doing fine, I’m on the right track, and I need to focus on what moves me forward, not get stuck in the negatives. What moves me forward? Not forgetting things. For example, during today's session, I remembered the importance of water, how much I love the ocean, and how visual I am. What else is important? I am responsible for my calmness!"

"Clear, concise, understandable affirmation and guidance. Quick and usable, new opportunities to connect with me. This method is exceptional in the best sense possible."


Event Venue & Nearby Stays

Fényes Adolf u. 6, 6 Fényes Adolf utca, Budapest, Hungary


HUF 20000.00

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