Solstice Ceremony: Astrology, Breathwork, and Prayer ~ Jacksonville

Thu Dec 21 2023 at 02:30 pm to 04:00 pm

Jacksonville | Jacksonville

Colbee McManamon
Publisher/HostColbee McManamon
Solstice Ceremony: Astrology, Breathwork, and Prayer ~ Jacksonville
A practice for healing, a ceremony for Solstice, a celebration of Light, and a prayer for the world.
About this Event

Gather with us on the darkest day to celebrate the Solstice and the return of the light. Let us tend to and honour darkness, pain, and struggle in ourselves and in the world, so that we may move through it and heal. Let us call in and cultivate Peace within ourselves and as a prayer for the collective, in the name of Peace on Earth, which begins within.

We will discuss the intricacies of the energies of Peace, acknowledging that oppression is not peace and that Peace is not simply the absence of fighting. Peace requires a full acknowledgment of pain and asks us to feel deeply. Peace in the world requires us to cultivate and embody peace within ourselves. And first, we must be willing to feel our own pain.

We offer ceremony and practice in a safe container for you to honour whatever is alive for you, to move through your own experience, to heal, to release, and to integrate. And then to call in Peace and healing, which we cultivate within ourselves, and then offer as a prayer for the collective.

Andi will offer an energetic and astrological perspective on these times, reflecting on the Fall Season, and looking forward to Winter. Colbee will guide us through a transformative breathwork practice, and integration through optional sharing and oracle cards.

This is a sacred space where people of all backgrounds, belief systems, and all genders are welcome to share and experience from the Heart. The intention is to provide a safe space for participants to honour the Sacred by moving beyond the mind and into the heart.

During our time together you will:

  • Receive an energy update (via astrology and numerology) of what’s happening energetically in the collective and gain tools and awareness to navigate your way through the times
  • Have time for some inner contemplation or journaling
  • Center yourself in your heart through meditative techniques and contemplative practices that expand the incredible awareness of the heart 
  • Share your voice and your heart in a safe and sacred space and practice the beautiful art of compassionate listening (you are invited to but not required to share)
  • Receive an oracle card in our closing circle for further guidance

Heart Space Breathwork

During our breathwork journeys, we use a conscious, connected breath and follow music and verbal cues to journey towards a peak experience, before integrating the energies that arise in a more expanded state of awareness. The total journey will be about 35 minutes which does not include the introduction or the time for sharing afterwards. This is a gentle psychotherapeutic and mind-body technique that supports physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. This particular technique is a combination of holotropic breathwork and rebirthing.

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About Colbee

As an energy medicine practitioner, breathwork facilitator, minister, mesa-carrier of the rainbow lineage of Chinchero, and all-around mystic, Colbee enjoys facilitating individuals and groups, especially during big transitions or awakening experiences.

Colbee is passionate about working with the elements within us and the land to help transmute heavy energies and restore the original programs of the Earth, our soul essence, and our ancient ancestors. Learn more at

About Andi

Andi is an astrologer and writer based in Vancouver, BC. A professional astrologer since 2015, her work draws on her background in psychology and philosophy and a longstanding fascination with the esoteric. She's written horoscopes and articles for The School of Witchery, Loose Lips Mag, and The Capilano Review. Learn more at


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