SKY POETRY | An Introduction to Learning Astrology | NYC

Wed Sep 27 2023 at 01:30 pm to 03:30 pm

New York City | New York

Andi Javor
Publisher/HostAndi Javor
SKY POETRY | An Introduction to Learning Astrology  | NYC
What is astrology and how does it work? An introduction to astrology and working with your natal chart (your unique energetic blueprint).
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Astrology is a system of divination more ancient than recorded history. It sees Cosmos as ensouled and meaningful. The Sky itself is sigil, nature’s poetry, from which we may glean insight, clarity, and guidance. It is potent medicine for our times, when the dominant paradigm envisions matter as lifeless and random, and humanity as accidental–a vision that facilitates extraction and exploitation and the concurrent crises we witness.

Astrology offers an alternative frame, one that reroots us as one with nature, that reminds us we are not separate and isolated, but integral to Cosmos, and intimately interconnected with all that is. In this workshop you will learn how to begin working with this medicine in your daily life, to find reenchantment and belonging, and guidance and insight.

This workshop is an introduction to astrology–what it is and how it works. I’ll show you how to access and begin working with your natal chart–your unique energetic blueprint. We’ll discuss how to approach astrology as soul medicine, and how the learning process itself can be nourishing and therapeutic.

This workshop is the preamble (module 0) for a full-length astrology course I’ll be teaching in fall of 2023. Whether or not you plan to attend the course, you are welcome to come and learn how to begin working with your natal chart. Workshop participants will get a discount for the full course.


  • What is astrology and how does it work
  • What is the natal chart and what does it represent
  • How to access your natal chart
  • Learn your elemental makeup and what it means
  • Learn how to supplement astrological theory with intuition and experience


Andi is an astrologer and writer based in Vancouver, BC. A professional astrologer since 2015, her work draws on her background in psychology and philosophy and a longstanding fascination with the esoteric. She's written horoscopes and articles for The School of Witchery, Loose Lips Mag, and The Capilano Review. Learn more at


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