Skin I'm In Fashion Week, Exhibition, & Gala

Sat Oct 07 2023 at 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm

6300 Irvington Blvd | Houston

Caitlin Conner
Publisher/HostCaitlin Conner
Skin I'm In Fashion Week, Exhibition, & Gala

Skin I'm In Fashion Week Exhibition & Gala


The Skin I'm In Model and Talent Agency will merge art and fashion under one roof in this one-of-a-kind event. The exhibition will follow the timeline of the Skin I'm In Project by Ferrell Phelps highlighting the evolution of the agency and the movement.

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The Main Runway event on Oct 7th will Showcase Unique Diverse Talent, and amazing Designers displaying Plus Size Couture Sustainable Urban Evening Swimwear, and Adaptive fashion collections.


Step into a mesmerizing tapestry of human diversity during this artistic and captivating photo exhibition. From the porcelain elegance of alabaster skin to the rich hues of melanin-kissed tones to breathtaking images depicting different unique skin conditions and the awareness of all abilities. This amazing beautiful impactful and innovative Photo Exhibition also celebrates the release of Celebrity Photographer Ferrell Phelps's third addition to his photographic Skin I'm In book series. The Skin I’m In Model & Talent Agency will also recognize organizations and individuals committed to supporting diversity. This event will benefit Be More Adaptive a 501 (c)(3) whose mission is to be the largest collective global Disability resource to help the world be more adaptive and accessible.


The Skin I’m In Exhibition three years in the making is the brainchild of author celebrity photographer and talk show host Ferrell E. Phelps. Birthed from the love of and a need to celebrate the diversity of skin the exhibitions and subsequent books Skin Deep: The Skin I’m In and Beyond the Mask have gained exposure worldwide.

In 2020 Ferrell partnered with entrepreneur author and talk show host Sonyia Graham to form the Skin I’m In Model and Talent Agency (SIIM). Her expertise in business development operations Olympic sports management and marketing experience coupled with his creative genius form the complete agency package. Unlike a traditional agency, SIIM is a movement here to show the beauty in our unique differences through equality and brand awareness internationally. We promote diversity inclusion and acceptance by showcasing talent representing all ethnicities skin types skin tones and abilities. Their motto is Every Body Should Be Represented. We encourage mainstream diversity for all brands by embracing our models and talent in all markets. Currently representing ages five years and up.

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