Six-Figure LinkedIn Masterclass - BRISTOL

Wed Nov 01 2023 at 09:30 am to 04:30 pm

Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol | Bristol

Six-Figure LinkedIn Masterclass - BRISTOL
Build a Six-Figure Pipeline and Win Clients on LinkedIn
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Struggled to make LinkedIn work?

You want to build your personal brand, generate leads and win new clients but it’s not coming together

Six-Figure Masterclass is an intensive one-day workshop segmented into 5 in-depth sessions that’ll give you the tools and strategies you need to build your personal brand, create engaging content, generate leads and close new clients.

You’ll demolish the roadblocks that hold you back from succeeding on LinkedIn.

The five sessions on the day aren’t just theory, you’ve got access showing you practically how to achieve success on LinkedIn.

The five sessions are:

  • Building a killer personal brand from scratch
  • Filling your profile with prospects
  • Creating content that converts
  • Generating Leads On-Demand
  • Building your LinkedIn revenue flywheel

Success on LinkedIn comes down to how many discovery calls you can get from your ideal clients… everything else in vanity.

The masterclass will take you beyond the vanity of likes, comments and impressions and go to the next level of leads, calls and clients.

Think about what an extra 5, 10, 20 calls in your diary would do for your business.

Instead of spending hours on LinkedIn achieving very little, every action is building your pipeline.

A six-figure pipeline that’s in your control.

Each session has practical steps to take, and strategies that give you the means to walk into LinkedIn and start generating leads.

No unsure steps, the stress of deciding what to post next, or burnt bridges. All these techniques aren’t pushy, reliant on already having a big network or running unnecessary ads.

Six-Figure LinkedIn will show you how to make social selling a natural part of your sales and marketing process.

How will this Masterclass benefit me?

Instead of hunting down clients and living hand-to-mouth, we'll show you a system to build a six-figure revenue stream from LinkedIn.

You'll learn EXACTLY how to:

  • Grow an email list and monetise it for your existing business
  • 3 Quick Win Campaigns to get discovery calls every week
  • How you can drive traffic and leads with LinkedIn events
  • How to hunt, develop and win six and seven figure deals on LinkedIn
  • How to build a personal brand quickly and use it to get inbound leads
  • How to get leads from creating and posting content on LinkedIn
  • The mechanics of a LinkedIn viral content

We'll also break down success:

  • Case Study: How Steve won £4m contract using LinkedIn
  • Case Study: How a shift in Paul's personal brand brought double the leads
  • Case Study: How Vasco gained 900 followers from one post
  • Case Study: How to triple your engagement and impressions and stay on topic

This masterclass is practical, with step-by-step support to take action and get results.

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Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol, United Kingdom


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