Sips and Soul-versations: Express Your Self with Ease

Sat Jul 30 2022 at 11:00 am to 01:00 pm

Enso Behavioral Healthcare | Tampa

Teas of Perfect(ion) | Sips for the Soul
Publisher/HostTeas of Perfect(ion) | Sips for the Soul
Sips and Soul-versations: Express Your Self with Ease
Tea Party with a Soul Twist! Sip tea to be confident and comfortable to Express Your Self - with guided convo, tea leaf art and reading
About this Event

Self-Expression comes in many forms! Whether it’s saying your ideas, singing, writing, playing an instrument, painting, whatever it is - these are sample forms of expression.

Sometimes we may get in a rut where it feels like it’s not coming out as easily. Or perhaps you’re holding your Self from expressing what you’d really like to express.

When this happens, we may feel knots in our throat, congestion there, thyroid concerns or even shorter breaths.

Your creative self-expression is a manifestation of your Soul in form!

So let’s have some juicy, engaging guided conversation exploring how you can open your Self to express more freely, easily and authentically.

By aligning in your true Self-Expression, you’re opening your bodily systems to function better aaaand offering your gifts to shift humanity with Love.

Beyond the verbal convo’s, you’ll be guided to engage in a convo with your Soul through tea tasting tea leaf art and reading to gain insight and guidance on how you can better position your Self for healthy Self-Expression and allowing that to flow.

This is Sips and Soul-versations: Express Your Self with Ease.
About Sips and Soul-versations

Over tea, some pretty juicy convo’s happen and that’s what happens…with your Soul!

At Sips and Soul-versations, you’re welcome to a space that’s open for authentic conversations with your Self and with others (#nojudgmentzone!) while sippin’ on some premium tea blends that’re designed to support and facilitate the growth and transformations that come from these conversations.

Guided by De’Nicea Hilton Harper, Teas of Perfect(ion) Founder and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, you’ll engage in conversations that encourages you to open your Self to Potential and Possibilities that are available to you for your personal spiritual development and growth.

Indulge in teas that were designed to highlight the Spiritual, Emotional and Mental properties of herbs, spices and flowers.

To gain insight from your Soul, you’ll create your own tea leaf art and experience a guided reading. With this process, become aware of any Inspired action steps to encourage the transformations that align Spirit, Mind and Body.

Your Experience at Sips ‘n Soul-versations includes:

· Opening and closing guided meditation and visualization

· Guided conversation on the day’s theme to activate your Soul’s development

· Guided tea leaf art and reading to gain insight for guidance in your transformation

· Tea sampling of three (3) teas that complement the event’s theme

· Light food to support grounding you during your transformation

· Your choice of one - two (2) oz package of tea blend to take home to continue support beyond the event

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Why the name Teas of Perfect(ion)?

Perfect is a most glorious word that’s misunderstood. From the design of the tea blends to the qualities of the Sipper, you’re invited to embrace the root meaning of Perfect, being “Whole and Complete.”

Perfect(ion) in the Teas

The tea blends themselves are blended to bring in varying notes that harness the energetic and moving actions of the individual herbs and flowers in a way that when you bring them together, they harmonize and feel Perfect - Whole and Complete.

Personal Perfect(ion)

On a personal level, as you indulge in a tea blend, you’re receiving the psycho-spiritual and emotional healing properties of the herbs and flowers in the blend. Where it’s easy for you to consider the Physical aspect of your Being, Teas of Perfect(ion) highlights the other components of you. This creates the space for you to bridge the Spirit, Emotion, Mental, Physical and Environment together - representing your Perfect (Whole and Complete) Being.

Attract or Repel with Teas

The (ion) at the end of Teas of Perfect(ion) taps into the fact that you’re an ionic Being - we attract and repel aaallll the time. As you’re delighting in Sips for the Soul, you’re asking the herbs and flowers energetic influences to attract what supports your Soul’s Healing Evolution and repel what doesn’t.

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About Creator and Founder, De’Nicea Hilton Harper

When learning about the myths, misinformation or no information (and the harm it does!) when it comes to women’s reproductive health, De’Nicea just had to specialize in it as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant.

In her virtual practice, Hilton Holistic Health and Wellness, she uses a blend of modalities building on the Eastern Medicine foundation (like meditation, functional medicine, medical intuition and more.) Believing that “serious healing doesn’t have to be so serious,” she creates playful healing spaces for women who’re desiring to get to deeper meanings of her Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical health, especially when it comes to hormones, menstrual cycles and fertility.

De’Nicea uses her gift of seeing how things are connected and explaining it in a way that just ‘clicks.’ This gift comes in handy when she’s working with women holistically (bridging things together) and when facilitating workshops/break-out sessions or speaking about Holistic Health, Hormone Health or Women’s Reproductive Health. Keep up with De’Nicea and what she’s doing at .


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