Silicon Valley Investing Summit

Wed Jan 04 2023 at 09:30 am to 04:00 pm

Tuscany Suites | Las Vegas

Angel Launch
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Welcome to Silicon Valley Investing Summit

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Contact Us: cell +1 (310) 621 6850  or [email protected]

Are you attending a trade show like CES or other tech events in Las Vegas Jan 4-8 2023? This event is held that week but not affiliated with any other trade show. We will also post parties held during CES and notify you about those independent events. We have held this event for 10 years in Las Vegas.

Angel Launch, based in Silicon Valley, is a leading producer of tech venture forums connecting thousands of global startups to hundreds of accredited investors for early and advanced stage funding. For the 12th year, we are bringing together investors (VCs, angels, institutional and corporate) from Silicon Valley and other regions to meet promising innovative startups the day before a major tech trade show CES in Las Vegas. We are independently produced and not affiliated. We connect investors seeking opportunities to exceptional high growth startups and private companies offer free basic tickets to attend, but free tickets EXCLUDE investor lunch, cocktail party, and networking in Demo Showcase. You will be admitted to the program only. You can purchase VIP tickets for access to lunch and cocktail party. Startups can register to pitch which includes 3 VIP tickets per pitch.

Market Areas for Startups Who Should Attend or Pitch


Media, entertainment, mobile, digital media, video, You Tube, music, audio, games, augmented reality, virtual reality, TV, hardware, Internet of Things, apps, retail, health, wearables, Internet of Things, connected cars, self-driving cars, consumer electronics devices, travel, hospitality, tourism, health and wellness, hardware products, cannabis.



AI, robotics, Deep tech, space, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, sensors, Mobile, big data, analytics, communications, hardware, Internet of Things, apps, eCommerce, security, infrastructure, chips, cars, services, transportation, workplace, retail, e-commerce, clean tech, energy, homeland security, fintech, Internet of things



Life science, medical devices, ag tech, food tech, cannabis, healthcare services, management, operations, analytics, health and wellness apps, digital health, genomics, agtech, food.



Big data, crypto, NFTs, Def Fi, Banking, blockchain, bitcoin, alt coins, real estate, lenders, cloud services, digital currency, metaverse, payment and billing solutions



Investors, we will invite you to judge a session during the day with startups. Just reply here [email protected] to request to be a judge OR PREFERRED IF YOU REGISTER ON WEBSITE NOW TO SHOW INTEREST AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU TO JUDGE.

Startups that should attend or pitch:

  • Seed
  • Early stage
  • Pre-IPO
  • Scaling

Investors that should attend:

Angels VCs CorporateFamily OfficesHedge Funds InstitutionalPrivate EquityAcademic Accelerators/incubatorsAdvanced Growth</ul>




You can attend for the morning session only at no charge. Your ticket DOES NOT include the investor lunch, cocktail party, or networking opportunities in the demo showcase.

Please register to attend in your category such as a startup, corporate executive, tech professional, service provider or accredited investor. Our hosts will select attendees for free tickets. Everyone else can purchase until we reach capacity. Once you are approved, we will send you an email with the address.


We have two types, sponsorships for startups to pitch and sponsorships for investors, vendors or services providers.


Register to pitch investors and host a demo table in demo showcase. You register for your number of minutes. All pitching includes a 6 foot draped demo table. Many past startups have received funding from our events. Open for seed, early and advanced growth funding.

Presented in front of room with with full AV sound system and slide decks. We only enable Zoom pitching for remote startups and for investors asking questions for their pitch but not the entire event.


Sponsor this event for only $495 (silver), or $995 (Gold) and $1995 (Title) to meet new customers or prospective clients, raise your brand awareness and increase marketing and promotion.

SILVER SPONSOR $495: 4 Minutes Talk; Demo Table; 4 tickets; Judge

GOLD SPONSOR $995: 8 Minutes talk; Demo table; Judge session; 8 tickets; and you send us written message we include in 3 advance emails to attendees

TITLE SPONSOR $1995: Logo on Website; 12 Minutes Talk; Demo Table; 10 tickets; full attendee list with contact info (with consent); and you send us written message we include in 3 advance emails to attendees. Additional fee to be category exclusive such as a law firm. Limited to 4 sponsors.



1. Attendee: Attend as startup, tech professional, vendor or accredited investor

2. Investor: You can attend as investor or judge the venture session.

2. Startups Pitch: Pitch from Stage or Zoo, include table in Demo Showcase

3. Demo Tables: Startups, vendors or service providers purchase demo tables in Demo Showcase

4. Sponsor: Give 3-10 minutes talk; receive attendee list; receive demo table and tix



Endorsement from Mitchell Kominsky, Futureland Ventures,

"I am an investor in early-stage startups that are creating a more sustainable, connected, and resilient future. I recently participated as a judge for a Silicon Valley Investment Forum with Angel Launch, and was very impressed by the quality of startups. In fact, I am in discussions with one of the startups about a possible investment; and am appreciative of Angel Launch making that connection. I highly recommend other investors to judge and attend the programs, and startups to attend or pitch."


Endorsement from Michael Gibstine, Managing Director, Hanover International.

”I work in Silicon Valley and attend many venture forums and investment summits. If you select one event to attend this year, I highly recommend Angel Launch events, either Silicon Valley Funding Summit in Las Vegas or Silicon Valley Investing Summit on Oct 1 in San Francisco. I have known the founder Zahava Stroud for eight years, and she produces the best regarded, highest quality summits for startups and investors. The events feature high quality innovative attendees from startups, investors and corporate partners; exciting customer experience with lavish food and drinks; and exceptional attendee experience with engaging discussions.

The events are impeccably organized with well crafted, thoughtful agendas addressing emerging tech trends; excellent speakers from top tier investment firms, VCs, corporate brands, and angels; and high level networking opportunities with demo tables. I have had follow up discussions with many high quality startups or advanced growth companies seeking capital. I highly recommend this summit to any person, company or agency that wants to bolster its connections to Silicon Valley; network with investors; meet high growth startups looking to expand their offices; and learn how to emulate Silicon Valley in your region."



Privacy Compliance: GDPR Compliance: If you reside in EU Country, UK or Switzerland, you agree we can contact you for follow up emails from Angel Launch.

CALIFORNIA CCPA Compliant: If you reside in CA, you must consent to receive emails from Angel Launch for this event and we request you agree we can provide your contact info to sponsor




An initiative of the European Commission.

For details contact Contact: +1 (619) 382-844 or [email protected]

We have partnered with European agencies for six years, previously EAEC and now with ENRICH. years.The European Commission's ENRICH in the USA initiative, started in April 2017, is establishing a Network of European Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs throughout the United States that will act as a central contact point for European research and innovation actors - clusters, universities, R&D labs/centers, researchers, start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)... - seeking to grow and reinforce collaboration across the Atlantic. The mission of the Network is to provide standardized as well as tailor-made, research & innovation internationalisation support services, activities end events to European researchers and innovators, to accelerate their exposure, collaboration opportunities, and overall access to partners, investors and clients in the US market, and maximize their chances of success.


We have three categories for sponsors. See options below.

(1) Corporate/Service Providers/Vendors/Solution Providers

(2) Startups Seeking Funding, Customers or Partners.

(3) Geographic regions or incubators(such as city, state or country) seeking to attract startups or advanced stage ventures looking to open an office; or investors to their region.



  1. Pitch during general session
  2. Select from 6 minutes to 15 minutes pitch or demo.
  3. Logo on website and in email marketing.
  4. Distribute Fact Sheet on Partner Table for distribution
  5. You can bring fact sheet and leave on our partner table for distribution.
  6. Extra VIP Tickets
  7. You get tickets for staff or clients.
  8. Exhibit in Demo Showcase
  9. Demo tables include six foot tables chairs, WiFi. You can bring your own tablecloth, signage or banners for the demo table or on the floor. You can purchase electrical power outlets.
  10. Attendee List
  11. Receive pdf of attendee list (names, companies titles)
  12. What do you get with a VIP ticket $125;
  13. Access to all day program
  14. Delicious networking lunch with at least two investors per table
  15. Networking with investors in Demo Showcase entire day
  16. Investors Reception in afternoon in Demo Showcase

Startups, are you looking for funding from multi million dollar investors?

if you are looking for funding, then you should apply to pitch. You will meet at least 30 Silicon Valley and other accredited investors; give a demo a private investor reception; and eat lunch with at least two investors at your table.

SCHEDULE (times are approximate and may vary when all presenters confirmed)

Pitch Sessions: Pitch sessions from 9am to 12:30 and 1:30 to 4:30pm

Two Networking Mixers to Meet Investors at Demo Showcase: After the morning and pitch sessions, we hold a 30 minutes Investor Showcase where investors meet with presenting startups in Demo Showcase to network with startups that just pitch. All presenters can participate.

Networking Lunch: Lunch for one hour where you are seated with at least two investors per table. We seat all the investors and presenters can choose their table.

Dessert Demo Showcase Reception: After the afternoon pitch session ends, there is 30 Minutes reception with Investors in Demo Showcase. All presenters can participate.


Pitch: Early, mid-stage or advanced growth startups.

Attend: Large companies with products in all areas of tech; tech solution providers with products, services or apps; consumer and enterprise.

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Tuscany Suites, 255 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, United States


USD 0.00 to USD 1995.00

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