Show Me Shorts - Auckland Opening Night

Fri Oct 07 2022 at 08:00 pm to 11:00 pm

The Hollywood Avondale | Auckland

Show Me Shorts Film Festival
Publisher/HostShow Me Shorts Film Festival
Show Me Shorts - Auckland Opening Night Join us for a fun night out watching the world premieres of short films, as well as a sampling of other highlights from the festival.
About this Event

Join us for a fun night out watching the world premieres of short films, as well as a sampling of other highlights from the festival. Meet the filmmaking teams, and hear from festival programmers and visiting international guests. Everyone is invited to participate in the red carpet arrivals with our photographer, and stay to celebrate with us at the Official After Party with a live DJ and cash bar. Limited bar tab, snacks and cupcakes provided. Booking recommended as this event will sell out.

Rating: M Offensive language, nudity, sexual content & content that may disturb.

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Blue Smoke

Drama, 15 mins, New Zealand

A caretaker in a rest-home is mistaken by a resident for her ex-husband, who was a wayward lounge-crooner.

Dir/Prod: Ivan Barge

Writ/Prod: Matthew Harris

Prod: Ferris Bradley

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King Tupac

Mythological, 7 mins, New Zealand

King Tupac tells the fabled legend of how the kumara (sweet potato) first arrived in the Pacific from the far off lands of the Inca Empire which is now Perú in South America.

Dir/Writ: Sebastian Vidal-Bustamante

Writ: Andres Gomez

Prod: Jordana Guerra, James Smith-Harvey, Ako For Niños

World Premiere

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Split Ends

Drama, 14 mins, Islamic Republic of Iran

A bald woman and a man with long hair try to get out of paying fines when they are caught by traffic cameras for not wearing a hijab.

Dir/Writ: Alireza Kazemipour

Writ/Prod: Solmaz Mortezavand

World Premiere

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Yaffa 11

Drama, 16 mins, Israel

A teenager in Jaffa dreams of a new start abroad away from Arab-Israeli conflict. When his new passport arrives he faces a choice.

Dir/Writ: Hassan Kadan

Prod: Nathan Marcus, Jeremiah Joseph

World Premiere

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Atali'i O Le Crezent (Sons of the Crezent)

Dance, 10 mins, New Zealand

With his neighbourhood under threat from gentrification, a young man recalls his youth, roots and upbringing through spoken word, memories and dance.

Dir/Writ: Brendan Canty

Writ: Villa Junior Lemanu

Prod: Valentine Taylor, Roberto Nascimento, Belinda Bradley, Perry Bradley

World Premiere

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Science fiction, 6 mins, Switzerland

Oscar's late. In the surrounding skyscrapers hands are shaken and contracts are signed. Where do these damned snails come from? That's the last thing he needs right now.

Dir/Writ: Jan-David Bolt

Prod: Filippo Bonacci

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Satire, 9 mins, United Kingdom

A promotional video for an alien residential community that prides itself on the ethical treatment of its human workforce.

Dir: Marina Waltz

Writ: Phil Porter

Prod: Marc Teitler

World Premiere

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Dark comedy, 14 mins, Australia

Rose Byrne stars as Sofie, a woman who loves pranks just as much as her partner Jack.

Dir/Writ: Nash Edgerton

Writ: David Michôd

Prod: Michele Bennett

Event Venue

The Hollywood Avondale, 20 Saint Georges Road, Auckland, New Zealand


NZD 35.00

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