She Flows: Women's Circle & Cycle Wisdom Workshop

Sun May 05 2024 at 12:30 pm to 05:30 pm

3B/1 Rowe St, Freshwater, NSW, Australia, New South Wales 2096 | Sydney

Conscious Wellness with Bianca
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She Flows: Women's Circle & Cycle Wisdom Workshop
Join us for this potent workshop to delve into the magic and power of your feminine cycles!
If you are interested in being more in tune with your menstrual cycle, connecting with the rhythms of nature, unlocking your feminine superpowers, or reclaiming or healing around your menarche rite of passage and what it means to be a woman, then this is for you!
This workshop will be a beautiful blend of ceremony and honouring the sacred, alongside down-to-earth, practical wise-woman tools and practices that you can incorporate into your everyday life, in any situation.
In this workshop you will have the opportunity and support to reclaim sacred feminine power and learn practical tools for practicing cyclical living and working with the rhythm of the menstrual cycle - as a map for self-care and unlocking our feminine superpowers. Ie How to have our needs met, to know ourselves more deeply, not feel exhausted by burning the candle at both ends, to access our intuition and creativity, and to make the most of our female bodies deeply connected to ourselves, nature and the cosmos!
As part of the workshop we will also be gently exploring the rites of passage that we experience throughout our life-stages as women, particularly focusing on the rite of passage of menarche. For those of us who didn’t have the positive experience around her menarche, we will be guiding a beautiful, gentle, playful healing process to rewrite the story and embody the healed way of being that is our birthright as women. This is a beautiful opportunity to rewrite how we show up in the world as a woman.
This is a beautiful opportunity to rewrite how we show up in the world as a woman.

~Who is this workshop for?~
This is designed for women between the life stages of menarche and menopause. Ie. if you experience a menstrual cycle then it will be particularly valuable for you!
Babes in arms are welcome.

~Why work with the feminine cycles?~
“What would it be like to have a generation of bleeders who know how to care for themselves and have what they need, but don’t have any apology baked into their bodies and leaching into other things that they want to do and be in the world?” – Period Queen, Lucy Peach
As women we have a 5th vital sign, a wise guide within us also known as our monthly menstrual cycle. Although seen as taboo, painful, or an inconvenience within our dominant culture, the menstrual cycle, when harnessed to it’s full potential, provides us with a reliable map to rest into and excel from.
This dynamic structure has the ability to support our wellbeing on all levels. Tracking and intentionally working with the rhythms of our own cycle has led countless women to know herself more deeply, to trust herself more faithfully and to lean into regular touch points for reflection and evaluation. She can fine tune her flow with reminders to rest and receive and especially prompts to be intentional with ideas, to be able to shine, and celebrate herself.
We call it a self-care map. This map reminds us to ebb and flow with the shifting energy of our being and the environment rather than burning the candle at both ends. It repeatedly offers us the invitation to make choices that support our wellbeing, to communicate our needs and set boundaries that affirm our wellness.

~What the workshop involves~
The workshop will be held in the circle way for a nurturing afternoon of connection and experiencing the healed sisterhood.
If you haven't been to a women's circle before, you will soon feel right at home! You will be welcomed within a nurturing, safe container to learn, reflect, and connect.
The day will include:
- wisdom sharing and discussion around the theme from the facilitators with a focus on both the spiritual dimensions and practical elements of cyclical living
- ceremony and sacred sharing circle
- you will be guided through nourishing processes for self-reflection and inner growth
- you will have space for connecting and soul-sharing (or space for quiet self-reflection if you prefer)
- opportunity for healing and/or empowerment around your rite of passage of menarche and what it means to be a woman
- a special gift to take home - each woman will receive a lovingly hand-blended bottle of Moon Goddess Empowerment Mist by Bloom & Flourish

~About your facilitators~
Co-facilitated by Nina Maudslay of Bloom & Flourish, and Bianca Havukainen of Conscious Wellness with Bianca.
Both facilitators are known for their safe, welcoming circles and workshop spaces for women, are Shamanic Womancraft practitioners trained in the women's mysteries and cycle wisdom, and are passionate about supporting women to be well on all levels.

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Contact Bianca or Nina:
Bianca Havukainen ph: 0409 642 759, email [email protected]
Nina Maudslay ph: 0423 261 186, email [email protected]

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