Shamanic Trance Dance Event

Sat Apr 20 2024 at 09:00 pm to 11:45 pm

Der Bewegungsraum im Gängeviertel | Hamburg

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Shamanic Trance Dance Event

Hello & warm welcome!

If you haven't experienced Shamanic Trance Dance yet then it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to a deeply soulful and spiritually energizing dance modality.

What is Shamanic Trance Dance?

For millennia humans have used rhythm and sound to dance connect to each other celebrate transform and heal suffering.

Our ancient ancestors from many cultures loved to dance they danced for the sun the moon the earth for the rain they danced for wisdom for visions they danced for many things and made it a sacred ritual that put them in direct connection with the creator spirit. Dance empowered the whole community and brought the people together.

Shamanic Trance Dance is a contemporary dance ritual with ancient roots. It is a powerful transformational dance initiating profound change deep insight and self-realization.

Shamanic Trance Dance is a way of healing and awakening the forces of nature.

In many cultures all over the world the people would make a ritual and dance into trance. In trance the dancer overcomes the everyday separation between this world and other worlds. The specific breathing the bandana that the dancers are wearing the physical movement and the drum rhythms stimulate the senses and open up access to the world of consciousness - the world of spirit. Memories visions feelings faces and places beyond time and space can emerge while dancing.

It is a way of receiving guidance knowledge wisdom and healing directly from the Source the Great Spirit Creator. By setting an intention in the beginning of the dance we create space for guidance wisdom knowledge and/or instructions that can come through. Initiating profound change deep insight or self - realization. Enabling us to see who we are where we are going & who we are becoming.

Trance dance is a way of joyfully celebrating life in all its manifestations. So come and join me in this sacred dance ritual..

Why Is Shamanic Trance Dance so powerful?

Because when we let go of our thoughts and outer vision stimulated by breath sound rhythm and movement we enter the flow of the life stream.

In the movement and sound we enter a space of no mind where we can experience Spirit or God the cosmic intelligence that flows through all things. In this space we can receive flashes of insights answers deep inner knowing as our intuition flows through us like a soft wind.

In the space of pure surrender and flow we unify and remember we are more than just a body more than mind we are a soul. The curtain of matter falls away and we understand that we are the Soul of God. The soul of all creation eternal yet forever changing and evolving in the greatest cosmic dance on earth.

Event Informations:

Where?: Der Bewegungsraum im Gängeviertel in Hamburg

When?: 20.04.24 9 - 12pm (21.00 - 24.00 Uhr)

How to join?: As spots are limited please send a message to secure your spot

-> messaging options:

- M.O.V.E.´s Instagram: m_o_v_e_ment

- Email: [email protected]

- SMS: 015753364352

- Whatsapp: 017623205916

Price: 15 EUR - (If money is a problem for you I´m sure we can find a solution. Feel free to send me a message on Instagram or on whatsapp 017623205916)

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Looking forward to welcoming you there!

Event Venue

Der Bewegungsraum im Gängeviertel, Valentinskamp 34a20355 Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany


EUR 15.00

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