Shamanic Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony

Sat Dec 11 2021 at 11:00 am to 03:00 pm UTC+01:00

Northern Light Yoga | Oslo

Shamanic Heart Movement
Publisher/HostShamanic Heart Movement
Shamanic Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony
Shamanic Breathwork Cacao Ceremony :
Embodiment : Sound Healing
Your breath is your best friend.
It is always there, always available.
It is also your most powerful tool for heightening awareness, regulating your nervous system & deep lasting transformation.
Welcome to this Shamanic Breathwork Ceremony where we will use different breathing techniques for assisting your transformation & rebirth.
Accompanied with Shamanic Alchemy, Ceremonial Cacao, Embodiment Practices & Sound Healing you will walk out the door as a new person.
Welcome just as you are. <3
Bring a water bottle, comfortable clothes, something to sit on & yourself.
Northern Light Yoga Studio, Professor Dahls gate 30, 0260 Oslo
Dec 11th kl: 11-15
400,- VIPPS to 90083856
Mark Breathwork
About Cacao:
"Ceremonial cacao was traditionally used by the Ancient Mayan Shamans in ceremony to travel between the worlds, to travel beyond the veil.
Ceremonial cacao is an ancient plant medicine, a wisdom keeper, a teacher and facilitator.
An Indigenous Mayan myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony.
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What you can experience when journeying with the Cacao Spirit:
☼Increased energy
☼Prolonged focus
☼Blood Circulation & Digestion
☼Assist meditation & Inner-work
☼Clear any blocked/stuck emotions
☼Connection to self, others, nature and Source energy
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had her first awakening moment at age 21 when she traveled back to the Womb of Source. This was the shifting point. The Re-Birth. From that moment on she dedicated her life to study Shamanism and to heal. She lived in the Amazon Jungle, became a mother. She has been an apprentice on the shamanic path Twisted Hairs, since 2007. Walking the Path of the Rainbow Warrior.
Educated in various healing modalities like Biodanza Heart In Motion, Womb Awakening, Tantra, and more. She is deeply passionate about Sacred Sexuality, Women`s health empowerment, Breathwork & Shamanism.
"She is a visionary, a wild & warm woman with a fierce dedication to healing and authentic presence. She is a Dharma Dream Pilot with a driving force to birth a new world in harmony where we touch self, life and others with beauty and make our life a living prayer"
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Ingeborg Okkenhaug is a medicine woman from North Norway. She runs the center Hanekulla Natur Terapi, a retreat center in Sweden.
She is an educated Therapist in trauma release, Breath Work and Conscious Breathing, NLP and Hypnosis. She can help you change your lifestyle and perception, get rid of phobias, PST, burnt out and depression. She offers life & business coaching, helping you to spark the fire in you to get new inspiration and direction in life.
She started traveling at the age 18 and have since then traveled many countries in Asia and South America.
Ingeborg has a broad life experience. She is educated Anthropocentric teacher with specialty in art, music and nature. She had her own company Nordlys for 18 years. Selling her own design of clothes and jewelries.
Since a young age, Ingeborg has found interest and passion in music, sat sang, sound healing, healthy foods and Chi Gong. With great dedication she has learned shamanic healing from Indigenous people from around the world.
She weaves together the knowledge & wisdom from different Paths and offers life coaching, 1-1 treatments, workshops & retreats helping you to clean from energies, let go of the old and be reborn.

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Northern Light Yoga, Professor Dahls gate 30, 0260 Oslo, Norway, Oslo, Norway

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