SERENADE YOUR SENSES Wellness and Sound Bath Meditation

Sun Dec 10 2023 at 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm

1803 Connecticut Ave NW fl 2 | Washington

Synergy and Serenity
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SERENADE YOUR SENSES  Wellness and Sound Bath Meditation
Harmonize Your Soul
Indulge in a blissful evening of wellness and rejuvenation featuring a soothing sound bath.
About this Event
Harmonize Mind, Body, and Spirit with Tibetan Singing Bowl Vibrations
Join us for a transformative experience where the harmonious vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls will guide you towards a balanced state of mind, body, and spirit. This unique class is designed to help you find equilibrium and harmony within, addressing overactive or imbalanced chakras.
Key Highlights:

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation: Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, known for their healing properties. These resonant tones will serve as your guide, helping you to explore the depths of your inner self.

Chakra Balancing: Discover the power of sound in chakra alignment. Whether you're dealing with overactive or imbalanced chakras, this class offers an effective way to restore equilibrium and vitality.

Guided Focus: If you find it challenging to meditate in a bustling metropolitan environment, fear not. The vibrational tunes of the Tibetan Singing Bowls will gently steer your focus, making meditation more accessible and profound.

Inclusive for Ages 13+:

This class welcomes participants aged 13 and above, providing a holistic and inclusive experience for individuals of various age groups.

What to Bring:

To enhance your comfort during the session, please consider bringing a yoga mat, blanket, or pillow. As part of creating a serene meditation space, we kindly request that you do not wear shoes or bring food. Wearing socks is highly recommended for your relaxation.

Ticket Information:

Tickets for this harmonizing experience can be conveniently purchased online or in person, ensuring that you can secure your spot with ease.

Contact Us:

Should you have any inquiries or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by phone at (202) 412-5241. Our dedicated team is here to assist you and provide any information you may require.


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1803 Connecticut Ave NW fl 2, 1803 Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, United States


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