Self-Confidence Camp Workshop - Memphis

Tue Apr 23 2024 at 06:00 pm to Tue May 14 2024 at 07:30 pm

Virtual via Zoom | Memphis

Christina Nevins Consulting LLC
Publisher/HostChristina Nevins Consulting LLC
Self-Confidence Camp Workshop - Memphis
Unleash your inner confidence and discover the power within you during this transformative 3-day workshop
About this Event
<h4>? Unleash Your Inner Confidence at the Self-Confidence Camp Workshop! ?</h4>

Embark on a transformative journey and discover the power within you! Join us for a 3-day online event packed with empowering sessions designed to boost your self-confidence and unlock your true potential.

? Dive into Dynamic Workshops: Engage in interactive workshops designed to equip you with practical tools and strategies to conquer self-doubt and step boldly into your greatness.

  • Day 1 - Confidence, Expectation, and Clarity: The Secret Sauce of Success
  • Day 2 - See Your Vision and "Be As If": Your Guide To Greatness
  • Day 3 - Desire, Focused Attention, and Persistence: The Power of Coherent Thought

? Connect and Thrive: Forge meaningful connections with a supportive community of like-minded individuals, where you can share experiences, celebrate victories, and uplift each other on your journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

? Ignite Your Confidence: Leave feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to embrace life with newfound courage and conviction. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and ignite the fire of confidence within!

? Save the Date: April 23-25 -- 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT
? Location: Online - Join from Anywhere!

Unlock your limitless potential and join us at the Self-Confidence Camp Workshop – where self-belief becomes your greatest asset!

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Hi, I'm Christina Nevins, and I'm delighted to invite you to join me for this transformative 3-day event.

A lack of self-confidence is something many of us experience. Some say it's one of the greatest maladies of today's world. It's certainly something I struggled with for most of my life, leading me to procrastinate, hold myself back,"play small," underestimate myself, and sort of drift aimlessly through life.

Thankfully, I learned a better way. I studied myself and how my mind works and learned certain principles of success that, once implemented, boosted my self-confidence and helped me soar to new heights in my personal and professional life.

It's now my life purpose to share these principles with YOU, so you, too, can stop playing small and begin living to your full potential.

I look forward to sharing these timeless and life-changing principles with you!

With love and gratitude,


Napoleon Hill Institute Certified Coach


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Virtual via Zoom, Memphis, United States


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