Seize Your Dream - LIVE

Sat Jan 13 2024 at 11:30 am to 08:30 pm

Atlanta | Atlanta

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Seize Your Dream - LIVE
A VISIONING and GOAL SETTING process designed to create a LIFE YOU LOVE.
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If Not Now…When?

<h4>Statistics show that participants who employ the goal setting techniques we use are 95% more likely to achieve their goals.</h4>

Citations: Harvard, Gail Matthews, APA PsycNet

<h4>Are you willing to put your dreams off for another year? Embrace a process that removes hidden fears and habits that are compromising your ability to have a charmed life. Jump the track and get on path to the rich, rewarding life you really want. One day will transform your life.</h4>

Limited time offer: get a $10 ticket! (and pay what you want when the event is over.)


Have you been frustrated by an inability to pin point the things that you need to change in order to create the life you really want? And when you do identify changes you want to make, do you find that making these changes often seems unusually difficult? The problem isn’t you. It’s your process. If your goals don’t honor your values, if they are created from a place of fear or negative habit, if you’ve never learned to really dream, you may make modest gains, but you will never radically change your life. If you want big change and to get on path for the life, you really want to live, now is the time.

The SEIZE YOUR DREAM Virtual Workshop is a vision and goal-setting process designed to help you create radical success by clearing the past, clarifying goals, and committing to a new future with a tangible action plan.

I’ve taught this process live for over two decades, to people all over the world. Hundreds have used this course to recharge their personal and professional lives by using its exclusive powerful principles. You can too.

Because the work is simple, immediate, and interactive, the results are lasting and profound. You will move beyond temporary mental shifts to create tangible solutions and BRAND NEW paradigms of success for yourself.

Limited time offer: Get a $10 ticket! (And pay what you want later.)

A Proven 5-Step Process:

  1. Remove Barriers (Clear the Past)
  2. Discover What Matters Most To You
  3. Define Short Term Goals and Get a Clear Action Plan
  4. Align Your Mind and Behavior
  5. Practice (and Make Good on the Promise of Your Life)

During this process we will move forward by looking backwards, spending time and energy looking deeply into the thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, that continue to block us. We will then set goals that are aligned with our deepest values, and create a specific action plan, broken down into smaller, clearly-defined goals, which will allow us to move towards our dreams one step at a time. We will cull our inner resources, and create a system of support, both internal and external, that will allow us to make good on the promise of our lives.


The work I have done with Melissa has allowed me to shift my perspective on business and financial success from one of passive observer to active participant. The ability to direct and decide my own income flow has freed me creatively in ways I never imagined possible. My business supports my creative endeavors. My creative projects inform my work with the business. I am on track toward my first independent 100k year and am winning awards with my new series at the same time. CSE has made all the difference.

Dylan Brody

Award Winning Writer, The Tonight Show, David Sedaris

CSE showed me how to build the entire foundation of my 7 figure business, I became a 6 figure in business in 2 years and developed all of my programs and came up with my name for my company. I learned how to sell my courses, I started to price my packages at a rate that scared me, and I set up the business systems that I am still using 8 years later! Becuase of CSE, I have made well over 7 figures in revenue, I have an amazing brand, I am attracting high-end clients.

Valorie Hubbard

Professional Actress and Founder, The Actor's Fasttrack


Join us and get started on your next chapter on January 13, 2024 from 11:30am - 8:30pm EST

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Melissa McFarlane, Veteran Coach

CSE founder Melissa McFarlane is a seasoned, internationally-recognized coach with over 30 years of experience in executive, business, and personal coaching. She and her team have demonstrated an uncanny, intuitive genius for removing barriers and cutting through personal and organizational roadblocks to allow real emotional, mental, and practical breakthroughs to occur.


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