Science Workshop: Halloween Potions

Sat Oct 28 2023 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Mindful Space | Singapore

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Science Workshop: Halloween Potions
Make your own gooey potions and cast spells!
About this Event

Chemistry: Mix the different substances and perform your chanting

Art & craft: Handmade a magic wand to cast spells

Play: Create confetti popper and watch the magic unleash

Mindfulness: Pause and reflect your thoughts and emotions – what was pleasant and unpleasant, how would you do it differently, how can you express your action or words (kind / helpful /neccessary). Taking the courage to process and express yourself in the sharing circle; an opportunity to learn on emotion regulation and conflict management – the unpleasant emotion when you did not get what you want, perhaps the outcome/ performance of your product was not as per your expectation, the ability to set or respect boundaries, and the ability to understand social cues.

Our aim is to empower children:

  • to be curious and ask questions
  • to be creative in solving and answering their questions
  • with the confidence to explore, learn and experiment
  • to express and communicate effectively with their peers and educators
  • to have courage to express their thoughts and emotions, and respect their own and others’ boundaries

Collaboration with Curiosity Kids, STEM accredited award winning programme

Children are awed by how potions are made and fascinated by cool experiments, this workshop will show case the science behind these potions which are

  • due to chemical reaction. Children will perform these themselves to enjoy and learn how chemistry works. They will then design a magic wand to unleash their
  • creativity and imagination. The workshop will end with children making their own Confetti Popper which will also teach them concept of energy and how it transforms from
  • one form to another

Why teaching Science through fun play can make a difference in your child?

A gift of a lifetime you can cultivate in your child is staying curious and be courageous to explore the unfamiliar world.

When your child has the intrinsic motivation to find the answers for their curiosity, they will be willing to be out of their comfort zone and go much further with resilience. They learn to adapt, unlearn, relearn, reflect, revise and keep trying. They test boundaries and make mistakes, most importantly they are proactively thinking and questioning instead of passively digesting the given information.

You want your child to shine their authentic self and find meaning to their learning, let them explore their abilities and thoughts within a safe learning space.

How to support children to regulate their emotions through such activities?

We intentionally set reflection time where your child can pause and process their thoughts and emotions.

They get the opportunity to share their perspective and also listen to others’ perspective, acknowledging that it is okay to have different views and be respectful.

The reflection circle is a time to hear what work and did not work for them and others; or how would they do it differently the next time. For example, what frustrates your child during the process, what is helpful or not helpful in those frustrating moments, what can they do when they feel frustrated the next time. These discussions are child-led and facilitated.


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Mindful Space, 10 Winstedt Road, Singapore, Singapore


SGD 78.00

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